25 Products That Aren’t Worth Spending More Money On

Posted by , Updated on August 3, 2016

Price tags on products that you buy are not something you can afford to ignore. Woah…did you catch that? Okay, we’re proud of ourselves. Anyway, moving on, probably not a day goes by that you don’t think of how much something costs. Actually, a relatively common question you probably ask yourself is, “Why does that thing have to cost so much?” The immediate follow up question is probably something like, “Is it really worth spending so much money on that?” Well, maybe you don’t ask yourself that question, but that should be the immediate follow up question if you want to keep most of the money in your bank account.

Having said all of that, for those of you who do ask these questions, we are here to help! This is a cheat sheet for what you probably already know. The items on this list are the ones to which the answer to the follow up question would be a resounding no! It is absolutely not worth spending more money for this. So, don’t pull out your wallet yet because these are 25 products that aren’t worth spending more money on!

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GasImage: pixabay, Source: businessinsider

If your car doesn’t require premium, you don’t have to use premium.


Ski vacations

Ski vacationsImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Whether you’re skiing at Aspen or Cooper, the powder is the same.


First class on airplanes

First class on airplanesImage: pixabay, Source: businessinsider

This is especially true for domestic flights.



ToothpasteImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Apart from the taste, the active ingredient is almost always fluoride.


Cellphone accessories

Cellphone accessoriesImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Don’t buy them at your provider, just buy them online.



Bike innertubes

Bike innertubesImage: pixabay, Source: lifehacker

It doesn’t matter how expensive that tube is, if you ride over a nail you’re going to get a flat.


Angie's List

Angie's ListSource: google

You can just lookup businesses on google for free. It’s as simple as typing, “insert-business-name-here reviews.”


HDMI cables

HDMI cablesImage: freestockphotos.biz, Source: lifehacker

The $100 gold plated cables are exactly the same as the $1 cables you get off eBay.



BabyclothesImage: pixabay, Source: thoughtcatalog

You’re going to be throwing them away in a month anyway. Kids grow fast.



SaltImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

Whether it’s cheap salt or Himalayan pink salt, it’s always just sodium chloride.


The latest iPhone

The latest iPhoneImage: pixabay, Source: 9gag

It’s pretty much the same thing but with a different number after the name.


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Brand name over-the-counter drugs

Brand name over-the-counter drugsImage: pixabay, Source: businessinsider

In most cases, the generic store brand is exactly the same thing; they’re even produced in the same factories. The difference is nothing more than the stamp on the pill.


A coffin

A coffinImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

It’s not like it’s going to make much of a difference to you.


Cable TV

Cable TVImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

It’s called the internet, dad.



T-ShirtsImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

The main difference between buying them from Target and buying them from Gucci is how much money you have left in your wallet.


Fad diets

DietsImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Spending a lot of money on fad diets isn’t going to make you skinnier. Spending less money on Red Lobster might, but you don’t need to pay someone to tell you that.


Brand new cars

Brand new carsImage: wikipedia, Source: kbb.com

Cars lose a lot of value as soon as you drive them off the lot. Go for a 1 year old model, and you’ll be surprised how much  money you can save.


Car wi-fi

Car wi-fiImage: wikipedia, Source: lifehacker

You’ve already got data on your phone, so why not just make your phone a hotspot instead of paying extra for another hotspot in your car? We sincerely hope that whatever you’re using that wi-fi for isn’t for surfing the internet and using social media while driving.


Beats by Dre

Beats by DreImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

You have to pay a lot of money just to look cool.


Chopped fruits and vegetables

Chopped fruits and vegetablesImage: wikipedia, Source: 9gag

Just buy them whole and cut them yourself. It saves a lot in the long run.



WineImage: pexels, Source: thoughtcatalog

Expensive wine might taste better, but does it taste one thousand dollars better?


Pregnancy tests

Pregnancy testsImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

The ones that you buy at the Dollar Store are regulated by the FDA. Basically this means that the expensive ones aren’t any more accurate; they’ve just got fancy packaging.


Extra RAM

Extra RAMImage: wikipedia, Source: lifehacker

This actually goes for all computer equipment. Expensive gear gives you diminishing returns. Entry level gear will be outdated in a few years. The mid-level is where you want to be.


Audio equipment

Audio equipmentImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

After a certain point, the sound quality is the same, and you’re just paying for a brand.


Expensive gyms

Expensive gymsImage: pixabay, Source: businessinsider

They all have the same machines, and just because a gym has a big price tag doesn’t mean it’s better, either. Many times, the best results come from hole-in-the-wall warehouses.

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