25 Preposterously Designed Currencies We Can’t Believe Exist

Every country; sometimes territory, has its own, different currency. The various colors, designs, portraits and symbols printed on bills and coins usually relate to the country´s history and culture but can sometimes relate to other subjects such as raising awareness to a particular cause or celebrating a particular event. However, there are some currencies out there that can portray some bizarre themes or even portray normal themes in a bizarre way. From Zaire´s punched-out bills to Mongolian talking coins, these crazy currencies have actually been used around the world. Can you imagine paying for your groceries with talking money?

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Indonesia´s 20,000-Rupiah Bill

Indonesia´s 20,000-Rupiah Billreza-loveindonesia.blogspot.com

Due to high inflation, the denominations of Indonesian bills are very high. Currently, the largest Indonesian banknote is 100,000 rupiahs, the equivalent of approximately 2 USD. A 20,000 rupiah bill features an interesting combination of colors and imagery. The depicted person is Ki Hadjar Dewantara, the ex-Minister of Education and Culture, sporting weird and confused expressions.


Germany´s 50-Pfennig Bill

Germany´s 50-Pfennig Billwww.moneychoice.org

German emergency money was often illustrated by local artists. The images on the bills featured everything from romantic folklore to social satire, leaving behind a cultural record of this period in German history. Scary designs, such as this 50-Pfennig bill, were no exception.


Ivory Coast Coins With Mammoth´s Fossils

Ivory Coast Coins With Mammoth´s Fossilswww.numiscollect.eu

The Ivory Coast’s limited edition of 1000-Franc coins contained a little piece of mammoth remains.


Thai 60-Baht Square Bill

Thai 60-Baht Square Billwww.darkroastedblend.com

In 1987, Thailand´s bank issued a special series of 60-Baht banknotes celebrating the 60th birthday of their King Rama IX. The bill was square; measuring 6.3 by 6.3 inches, and one of the largest banknotes in the world.


Zimbabwe´s 100-Trillion-Dollar Bill

Zimbabwe´s 100-Trillion-Dollar Billen.wikipedia.org

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe began shortly after the confiscation of private farms from white landowners, towards the end of Zimbabwean involvement in the Second Congo War (1998 – 2003). The peak of the inflation is estimated at 79.6 billion percent in November 2008. At that time, the national bank were issuing bills with denominations as high as 100,000,000,000,000 dollars.

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