25 Of The Most Powerful Comic Book Beings Ever Created

The comic book world has a huge assembly of incredibly powerful characters. A few however, stand out above the rest. Their powers are incalculable, far beyond the comprehension of any character or any reader for that matter. These comic book characters are considered larger than life (literally) and that’s not even an exaggeration. As a note, this list will look at the most powerful DC characters as well as the most powerful Marvel characters ranking. These are 25 of the most powerful comic book beings ever created. Which do you think is the most powerful comic book character?




Mephisto was debuted in the Silver Age of Marvel comic books and appeared in several Marvel features and television series. He is an extremely powerful demonic immortal entity who possesses magical powers that give him superhuman strength, shape sizing shifting abilities, illusion manipulation, manipulation of time and a host of other powers.


Phoenix Force

Phoenix Forcewww.bangpowzap.com

The Phoenix Force is famous for its central role in The Dark Phoenix Saga. The Phoenix force is an immortal and mutable manifestation of both life and passion and through Jean Grey possessed telepathic and telekinetic powers magnified to near-infinite levels. She was able to manipulate matter and energy on a molecular scale, although this varied on the Force’s status and how much power it chose to allocate to Jean Grey.


The Spectre

The Spectrekootation.com

The Spectre is a superhero who has appeared in several DC Comics. He first appeared in an ad in More Fun Comics # 51 in January 1940 and had his first story the following month. Created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily, Spectre possess near limitless power and is considered one of the most powerful DC characters. There are no known weaknesses to the Spectre though strong (like ridiculously strong) magic has been known to affect him. His powers include but are not limited to: manipulation of time and space, control over all matter, invulnerability, and limitless strength.




Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Dormammu debuted in the Silver Age of comic books and is the ruler of an alternate dimension—the god-tyrant of denizens. He is known as one of the most powerful mystical entities in the Marvel universe who is a threat to “the life of the universe itself”. His mystical powers enable him to produce just about any effect desired including the resurrection of the dead.




Imperiex is considered as the counterpart of Galactus in DC Comics. The embodiment of entropy, Imperiex takes the form of a humanoid made up of pure energy. His plan is to hasten the end of the universe through collapsing galaxies into super black holes and creating a new universe through releasing his own energy.

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