25 Powerful Before-and-After Photos Of Our Changing Environment Everyone Needs To See

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Though there is a major debate as to its cause and its implications, the fact is our environment is changing. The most recognizable changes can be found in our polar ice caps, though here there is debate as well. Some reports state that ice is melting at an alarming rate while other reports claim that instead of losing ice we are actually gaining ice. Lose or gain, an environmental change is still present. Though some changes in the environment can be attributed to natural things such as climate and other natural phenomenons, others are directly and undeniably linked to human influence such as the deforestation of natural habitats and the contamination of certain bodies of water. This would probably not be a big issue if it was at a reasonable scale, but some of these environmental changes are so devastating that they affect the lives of not just humans, but animals (some of which are already endangered). With an issue so full of controversy and contention, it’s definitely a see-it-to-believe-it scenario, so today we are going to show you 25 Powerful Before-and-After Photos Of Our Changing Environment Everyone Needs To See. With a little awareness, we might just be able to do something about our impact.


These before-and-after photographs show Petermann Glacier, a large glacier located in North-West Greenland, in July 2009 (up), before the calving event, and again in July 2011 (down).

Petermann GlacierSource and image: nsidc.org

In July 1978 (left), the Qori Kalis glacier in Peru was still advancing. But by July 2011 (right), it had retreated completely back to land.

Qori Kalis glacierSource and image: www.greenpeace.org.au

Between 1926 (up) and 2008 (down), most of the ice of the Grinnel Glacier, an iconic feature of the Glacier National Park in Montana disappeared due to climate change.

Grinnel GlacierSource and image: usuncut.com

These two pictures demonstrate the severity of the draught that hit the Folsom Lake, a reservoir in Northern California located 25 mi (40 km) of Sacramento. In the 2011 view, the lake was at 97 % of total capacity. In the 2014 shot, the lake was at just 17 % of its capacity.

Folsom LakeSource and image: nasa.gov

Draught has also been a major problem in many regions in Asia. Taken just a few years apart, these photos illustrate how devastating effect draught had on a part of India.

draught in IndiaSource and image: thetimesinplainenglish.com

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