25 Popular Myths Debunked

Many times the things we think of as common knowledge are little more than myths and urban legends. So, while there may be some experienced myth busters among you, we know that others of you will probably have to face some hard facts by the time you reach the bottom. At any rate, this list is by no means exhaustive so if you have any other popular myths or urban legends on your mind go ahead and leave a comment.

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Hydrogen Peroxide helps wounds heal

Hydrogen Peroxide

Well this can be a painful myth, quite literally. Heck, even your pediatrician might recommend it if they’re not up to date on their research. The truth, however, is that it doesn’t help your wound at all. That bubbling you see? Its probably the hydrogen peroxide attacking you. Not only that, it causes cellular damage and extends the healing process. But hey, placebos work right?


Tomatoes are legally considered vegetables


No, they are still fruit. The Supreme Court never ruled that tomatoes are vegetables in any botanical sense. In Nix vs. Hedden they simply classified tomatoes as vegetables for the purposes of taxation, so that under the Tarrif Act of 1883 they would be taxable, in the agricultural sense.


Dogs sweat through their tongue

pug panting

Yes, when dogs get worked up they start to pant, but panting is not the same as sweating. In actuality dogs have very few sweat glands, most of which are located in their footpads. They do keep cool by panting and breathing, however, using the moist lining of their lungs as an evaporative surface.


Bats are blind


Au contraire, they do pretty well for themselves. While they can’t see in color, at night they certainly see better than we do. Of course, many species also use echolocation, so long story short, they know where they’re going.


Chameleons blend into their surroundings


Its common knowledge that Chameleons change colors but the reason for it is slightly more elusive. While most believe it is so that they can blend in with their surroundings, the primary reasons are to regulate their temperature or communicate with other chameleons.

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