25 Places You Wish You Could Go Visit But Can’t

Yes, we have the 25 places you wish you could go visit but can’t! That may sound sad, but sometimes it’s probably for the best. Beach vacations are relaxing, and theme park visits can be exciting, but sometimes people want more out of their travels. They want something strange, maybe even a bit macabre. Unfortunately, the strangest parts of the world are often the least accessible. Their weirdness is kept tucked away from polite traditional society. Sometimes they’re just too dangerous for the average person.

Let’s face it, humans have a pretty bad track record when it comes to visiting places that can kill them. If you happen to be one of these journeymen, longing for a different type of holiday, we’ve done some research for you. While we haven’t uncovered any way into these forbidden locations (aside from being really rich) we can provide an overview and a few pictures of what you’d see if you could get in. Hopefully, that satiates the need to travel to the 25 places you wish you could visit, but can’t.

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