25 Places Where People Really Shouldn’t Live But They Do

Whether it’s in the shadow of a very active volcano, in some north Siberian ice box, or an impossibly inaccessible island these are 25 places where people really shouldn’t live but they do.

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Cook, Australia

cook australiaflickr.com/photos/wiredwitch/1954345784/

Home to only 4 people, this used to be a railway station where trains would refuel on what is the longest stretch of straight track on Earth. As times have changed, only 4 people live here anymore and unfortunately they have to ship all of their food and water in because nothing grows, or lives, in the region.


Minqin County, China

minqin countyscannain.com

With a rapidly increasing population that has sucked up the only river in the region, two deserts that are gradually closing in and only 60 square miles of fertile land left this place does not have a hopeful future.


La Rinconada, Peru

la rinconada, peruwikipedia

Located over 5km above sea level in the Peruvian Andes, it is known as the highest permanent settlement on Earth. The 30,000 people that live here work in the gold mine and many suffer from mercury poisoning. Strangely enough they don’t get paid for their work. They mine for 30 days and then on the 31st day they are allowed to take as much ore out of the mine as they can carry. Remember that ore doesn’t necessarily contain gold.


Chernobyl, Ukraine

chernobyl, ukrainewikipedia

Ever since the nuclear reactor blew in 1986 this place has for the most part been evacuated. These days, however, workers are once again housed within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone although they are limited in the number of days per week that they can be there. Hopefully their jobs comes with a good bit of hazard pay.


Linfen, China

linfen, chinachina-mike.com

Found in the middle of China’s coal belt, cities don’t come much more polluted than this.

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