25 Pictures Taken At The Right Time

You can take thousands of carefully prepared photos but usually, the most amazing and original pictures are unintentional products of totally unexpected and hilarious coincidences. If you happen to be at the right place at the right time and take your picture from the right perspective, you may just capture an image that is truly worth a thousand words. On today’s age of high resolution, portable, click-easy phone pics, taking these perfectly timed photos is quite common (and not entirely all that difficult). Often, these pictures go viral almost immediately as their authors share them on social media. As we at List25 are huge fans of this kind of photos, we searched the web through and came up with yet another post with some of the most hilarious, incredible and mind-bending images that were taken at the exactly the right time, right place and right angle. From a shark giving a high five to a diver and a granny transforming into a butterfly to a man break dancing on water and a giraffe checking out a flying plane, these are 25 Pictures Taken At The Right Time. These pictures are guaranteed to brighten up your day.

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Man in hat

perfectly timed photosImage: distractify.com


perfectly timed photosImage: boredpanda.com

In-flight check

perfectly timed photosImage: boredninja.net

So much for sun bathing.

perfectly timed photosImage: izismile.com

Fish herding

perfectly timed photosImage: vedelisteze.sk

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