25 Bizarre Facts About Phobias You Never Knew Existed

What are you afraid of?

There are common fears that lots of people have (spiders, am I right?). Many people are afraid of closed places or have a fear of open spaces.

Then there are those people who have irrational fears of the most ordinary things. Imagine having a fear of ice cream, or a fear of the Dutch. Now imagine if these fears crippled your everyday life.

Here are 25 phobias you never knew existed.

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Allodoxaphobia is known as the fear of other people’s opinions.

If you have this fear, it’s probably best you don’t ask what someone is thinking.




Are you afraid of gravity? If so, then you are probably barophobic.

While the fear of gravity is a real phobia, we’re curious as to how someone would deal with this fear.




Thaasophobia is a fear of being idle or bored. If you can’t stand sitting still, you might suffer from this phobia.

There are probably plenty of adolescents in the world who will claim they have this.




Attention, students, we don’t condone using this fear to get out of homework or studying. People who have Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia have a fear of long words.

(We hope that no one was scared by reading this.)




Many people don’t like new things. Change can be difficult, after all.

If someone has the fear of new drugs or medication, this is called Neopharmaphobia.

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