25 Phobias You Might Have And Not Even Know It

We all have fears. Some people, of course, have a greater severity of fear than others. Negative experiences tend to be the thing that creates fear, and depending on the experience, they can create outrageous phobias. But, not all fears are from negative experiences; sometimes fears just happen without a way to trace back where they came from. We might not even know we have the fear at all until it’s too late, like speaking in public for the first time and having a panic attack seconds before. However, fear doesn’t always play out as a fight or flight response. Phobias can crop up in bizarre and strange ways. At the end of the day, fear can be a debilitating problem we need to face and overcome. So, hike up your big boy pants, here are 25 Phobias You Might Have And Not Even Know It.

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chopsticksSource: http://common-phobias.com/Consecotaleo/phobia.htm

For people with this fear, spoons, forks, and knives are the usual weapons of choice when tackling sushi because they’re terrified of chopsticks. The idea of picking up two pieces of wood as an instrument of eating gives them a ton of anxiety.



left turnSource: http://www.phobiasource.com/sinistrophobia-fear-of-things-to-the-left-or-left-handed/

Ever wonder why when you drive you hate taking left turns? Maybe you look at your left hand with disdain or are afraid of some swift attack from the left? It’s because you have a fear of anything from the left side.



trusty gavelSource: https://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/liticaphobia

With this phobia, you’re terrified of lawsuits. But honestly, who isn’t? The idea of a lawsuit makes most people get a little bit fearful. It’s likely, though, if all you think about is someone suing you, then you probably have liticaphobia.



bald manSource: https://www.belgraviacentre.com/blog/when-worrying-about-losing-your-hair-becomes-a-phobia/

Many men likely have this fear. It’s the fear of being bald or a fear of bald men. A little worry might not be a problem, but once you find yourself in a bathroom with every shampoo and hair loss product in the world, then it’s time to get help.



clownSource: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/4395633/phobias-coulrophobia-causes-fear-of-clowns-symptoms/

For many, clowns represent humor, silliness, and children’s birthday parties. But others see a far more sinister villain hiding behind that red bulbous nose and colorful costume. If you get serious anxiety with clowns around, then you probably have a fear of clowns.

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