25 People With Strange Deformities

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Are there aspects of your physique that you don’t like? A lot of us struggle with this. But bear with us. Today we’re going to meet a bunch of people that were born with deformities and disorders that will likely put our issues in perspective (at least for a lot of us). These are 25 People With Strange Deformities.


Dede Koswara

Dede KoswaraSource: theguardian.com

Known as Tree Man, Dede is an Indonesian man who suffers from the rare fungal infection known as Epidermodysplasia verruciformis. This condition causes hard fungal growths resembling tree bark to protrude from his skin. In 2008, he received treatment in the United States but the growths came back. There is not permanent treatment for his condition.


Didier Montalvo

Didier MontalvoSource: bbc.com

Called Turtle Boy by his peers in Colombia, Didier has a disease that causes moles to grow all over his body at a rapid pace. One of the moles grew so large on his back that it looks like he has a shell. He was ostracized by his community until a British surgeon by the name of Neil Bulstrode flew to Colombia and removed the mole, allowing Didier to live a normal life!


Tessa Evans

Tessa EvansSource: dailymail.co.uk

Tessa was born with something called Arrhinia, which means she doesn’t have a nose. Fortunately, people with Tessa’s condition can have a plastic nose attached. When it comes to smelling though, Tessa will likely have to live a scentless life.


Dean Andrews

Dean AndrewsSource: mirror.co.uk

Dean suffers from something called progeria. People with this disease age very rapidly and rarely live past their teens. Although Dean is only 20 years old, his body is that of a centenarian (100 years old)


Unknown Girl

Treacher Collins SyndromeSource: mayoclinic

Treacher Collins Syndrome is a very rare condition that causes facial deformities. It can affect the development of a person’s cheekbones, jaw, chin, and ears. Plastic surgery can in some cases help.

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