25 People With Strange Deformities

Posted by , Updated on November 24, 2017


Are there aspects of your physique that you don’t like? A lot of us struggle with this. But bear with us. Today we’re going to meet a bunch of people that were born with deformities and disorders that will likely put our issues in perspective (at least for a lot of us). These are 25 People With Strange Deformities.


Javier Botet

Javier BotetSource: telegraph.co.uk

The actor has something called Marfan Syndrome, which causes bones to grow longer and joints to be looser. People with the disorder tend to be tall and thing with long arms, legs, fingers, and toes.


Petero Byakatonda

Petero ByakatondaSource: dailymail.co.uk

Petero comes from a small town in Uganda and suffers from crouzon syndrome. This disease affects the skull, pushing the eyeballs out of their sockets. He eventually received life changing surgery in Texas and now lives a much more normal life.


Rudy Santos

Rudy SantosSource: bbc.com

While he was still in his mother’s womb, Rudy had a twin. Unfortunately, his twin was absorbed into his body. Now he suffers from a condition known as Craniopagus parasiticus or “parasitic twin.” Basically, he has an extra pair of arms and legs sticking out of his body.


Harry Eastlack

Harry EastlackSource: nytimes.com

The famous Stone Man, Harry had something called Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva. In simple terms, his skeleton fused together leaving him only able to move his lips. When he died in the 70’s, he donated his body to science in hope of finding a cure.


Paul Karason

Paul KarasonSource: latimes.com

Paul has something called Argyria, where the skin takes on a permanent gray/blue tone. It is caused by improper exposure to the element Silver.

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