25 People Who Completely Missed The Point

We all make mistakes. Sometimes, really stupid mistakes. But there are people out there whose fails will make you start fearing for humanity’s chance of survival. From veggie burgers with bacon to kids taped to walls, this post will show you people who completely missed the point.

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This brilliant crossword solver.

thechive.com these-people-may-have-missed-the-point-24-photos-4thechive.com

This stray Segway driver.

lockerdome.com 3b2392a63cba008269a014745baeb71d06d818e3af5472f32ef2a62a73b70d9e_largelockerdome.com

This super-caring father.

www.inspirefusion.com baby_hanging_in_bagwww.inspirefusion.com

The author of this "veggie" recipe.

weknowmemes.com 21-People-Who-Have-Totally-Missed-The-Point-veggie-burger-with-baconweknowmemes.com

This charming beach boy.

25 People Who Completely Missed The Pointx-weird.blogspot.com

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