25 Painless Experiences That Are Nonetheless Extremely Uncomfortable

Posted by , Updated on September 6, 2016

Just because somethings in life qualify as painless experiences, it doesn’t automatically mean that they’re welcome experiences that you would like to add to your check list of things-I’ve-gone-through. There are plenty of things that don’t really hurt, but you still would do well to avoid them.

This begs the question, what are those things? Off the top of your head it can be rather hard to conceive of such an experience. They’re not painful, but they’re for sure uncomfortable. Well, we’ve gathered an entire list of such experiences, so to get you started, how about nausea? That doesn’t hurt in the traditional sense, but it’s still not really a very welcome experience. Then we have the classic nails-on-chalkboard set of experiences, embarrassment (which can be triggered by numerous things), and even far more benign things like hypnic jerks (that moment when you’re about to fall asleep but then you all of a sudden feel like you’re falling). All of these are things that don’t really hurt, but they definitely aren’t what you would consider fun. At any rate, we’ve got a lot more of these coming your way. Here are 25 Painless Experiences That Are Nonetheless Extremely Uncomfortable.

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Not being able to sneeze

sneezeImage: Tina Franklin via Flickr

The harder you try, the less likely you are to actually sneeze.


Sinus pressure

Sinus pressure memeImage: someecards

You know it’s bad when you’re thinking about breaking your nose just to relieve it.

Note: Breaking your nose won’t work.


Restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome memeImage: someecards, Source: wikipedia

This is characterized by an urge to move your body (usually your legs) in ways to get out of an uncomfortable position. It usually happens when you’re trying to fall asleep.


Ear not popping

earImage: youtube

Having a cold stinks. Having a cold on a plane is worse. You might have to wait a few days to hear again.


Your hand "waking up"

hand falling asleep meme

All those needles…


Walking through a spider web

Spider WebImage: pixabay

And doing the I-just-walked-through-a-spiderweb-dance.


Biting down on your fork

ForkImage: pixabay

It really hurts at worst and is really uncomfortable at best.


Long lasting hiccups

Hiccup meme

All you can think about is whether you’re going to end up having a Wikipedia article written about you. Plus you have a tummy ache after eating spoon fulls of sugar and feel dizzy from trying to hold your breath.



NauseaImage: pixabay

The worst part is the anticipation of throwing up. You know it’s coming, but you can’t stop it.


The pre-shame stomach drop

Shame meme

You know you were caught for something, but you just haven’t been confronted yet.


Stepping in dog poop

Stepping in dog poopImage: pixabay

Squish. Awww man, I just bought these.


Thinking somebody is waving at you

WavingImage: wikipedia

Nope, it was the person behind you. And now you feel super creepy.


Seaweed grazing your legs in the ocean

ocean meme

And your life flashes before your eyes.


Waking up with a dry mouth

dry mouth meme

This usually happens when you’re congested so you breathe through your mouth all night. That’s also why you’re dehydrated.


When the eraser was pulled out but you go to erase something

pencilImage: pixabay

The metal on paper sound was probably the worst part of high school for a lot people.


Tickling the roof of your mouth

roof of your mouthImage: wikipedia

It’s the worst 10 seconds ever while you struggle to get rid of the sensation.


Hypnic jerks

Hypnic jerks memeSource: wikipedia

This is what happens when you’re on the brink of falling asleep, but your brain thinks you’re actually falling, so you snap awake.


Not being able to wash something off your hands

washing handsImage: Arlington County via Flickr

Pine sap. Stay away from it.


"Ok, so we're going to take turns saying our names and saying one thing that is interesting about ourselves."

ice breaker meme

There has to be a better way to go about this.


Socks getting bunched up inside your boots

socks in boots meme

Why do my boots keep eating my socks?


Invisible hairs on your face

Invisible hairs on your face memeImage: someecards

But you can never find them.



Vertigo memeSource: reddit

This can happen in a number of different ways and situations, but not being able to find the ground stinks.


The drill at the dentist

The drill at the dentistImage: pixabay

Your face could be numb from anesthesia, but that drill is still terrifying.


Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis memeSource: wikipedia

This phenomenon is when you are between sleeping and waking and can’t move or react to anything; you are momentarily paralyzed. It can get pretty scary.


Thinking there is one more step

stairsImage: wikipedia

And then comes the inevitable dinosaur stomp.

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