25 Outrageous Looking Fungi

Mother Nature can be quite a strange lady. Strange natural formations are not that uncommon. Just one search online will prove that there are many amazing albeit bizarre products of nature. Survey the floors and canopy of a forest or the areas of a marshland and you’ll be able to see algae and fungi in a great variety of majesty and weirdness. You’ll have a grand time viewing these organisms! Here are 25 outrageous looking fungi which are testament to Mother Nature’s ridiculous instinct.

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Clathrus Columnatus, also known as the Column Stinkhorn

Column Stinkhorn

The False Morel (Gyromitra Escolenta)

False Morel Gyromitra Escolenta

The Veiled Lady

Phallus indusiatus

Bear’s Head Tooth Mushroom

Bear’s Head Tooth Mushroom

Black Jelly Roll

Black Jelly Roll

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