25 Outrageous Cities With A Nightlife You Wont Want To Sleep Through

When the sun goes down and most people go sleep, some of the world´s metropolis come alive with numerous music clubs, bars, cabarets, dance clubs any many other “night attractions“. While older people seek for peaceful and quiet hotels after an exhausting day spent by sightseeing, youth usually look for the very opposite – noisy, crowded bars and clubs brimming with a vibrant nightlife atmosphere. Here is a list of 25 world´s cities that would definitely meet their expectations.

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Bangkok, Thailand

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Notable for its sophisticated and modern clubs, Bangkok is becoming one of the world´s major nightlife destinations. The city´s diverse nightlife scene features everything from excellent live music and great jazz clubs to ultra cool bars, trendy clubs and amazing restaurants. The most popular areas among party animals are Patpong, Nana or Soi Cowboy.


Rome, Italy

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Rome’s nightlife starts late. It is not unusual for locals to meet up for dinner as late as 10 P.M. and after that start to decide where to go for the rest of the night. Like every other world´s metropolis, Rome is packed with bars, clubs and discos but people here often prefer to spend their fun time outside, just roaming the city streets, chatting with friends and drinking on their way.


Sydney, Australia

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With a population of almost 5 million people, the most populous city in Australia has a strong and dynamic nightlife. From Oxford Street; the centre of the local gay area, with hoping cafes, bars and clubs; to the established red-light districts and discos in Kings Cross, Sydney has something for all kinds of nightlife fans. The most popular bars are Grasshoper, Opera Bar and Café Sydney which boasts of spectacular views overlooking the Sydney Opera House. Live music fans should visit Annandale Hotel and the famous jazz club The Basement.


Berlin, Germany

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Nightlife in the capital of Germany should just be shortened to “life,” because in fact, it goes day and night. Apart from numerous great places for pub crawling (Berlin can boast of some of the best beers in the world), the city is also famous for its music clubs. Some people call Berlin “The Capital of Techno” with many of the world´s greatest electronic music events held in the city.


Sao Paolo, Brazil

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As one of the largest cities in the world and an important business centre, Sao Paulo also has one of the busiest nightlife scenes in the world. The nightlife here starts late – the clubs usually will not get busy until midnight. Since Sao Paolo is a city of businessmen it’s far less casual than Rio de Janeiro. In fact, some clubs might not let you in without a suit. The most vibrant and popular nightlife areas are Vila Madalena, Vila Olimpia, Itaim, Moema, Jardins or Consolacao.

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