25 Outrageous Bean Bag Chairs You Need To Lounge-On Today

Bean bag chairs are the epitome of lounging comfort. Nevertheless, within a plethora of bean bag chair designs, there are a few that stand out. Check out these 25 outrageous bean bag chairs you need to lounge-on today. Not only are they comfortable, but they also boast of fun and unique bean bag designs.

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Rock Bean Bag


Who knew rocks could be so comfortable.Taking her inspiration from nature, South African textile designer Ronel Jordaan has created a way to comfortably enjoy a geological ensemble.


Fatboy Marimekko Unikko


Created by Finnish award-winning designer JukkaSetala, this vibrant, funky, and of course comfortable bean bag adds a touch of flare to any room it inhabits. Comfort and flare, how can you go wrong?


Mount Bean bag


Why climb a mountain when you can lounge in it? Modeled after Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden this bean bag invites you to experience mountains in a completely relaxing new way.


Corner Bean Bag


Corners can be such a waste of space. Put that empty space to good use with this corner bean bag.


Cowch Bean Bag


Made with real cow skin on the upper side, the Cowch bean bag is like riding a cow in complete comfort.

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