25 Original Furniture Designs Your Cat Will Love

With the Christmas approaching, today´s post can help some people find inspiration for their Christmas presents. Especially those who are cat owners and consider their kitties regular family members. Cats are known to love searching for the most improbable places to hide or rest which can lead – particularly if you live in a small, confined apartment – to some very unpleasant inconveniences such as broken glasses, smashed vases, scratched sofas etc. But we can hardly blame the poor cats because they just follow their natural instincts. Fortunately, there are some furniture designers who understand our little predators and focus on producing things that can make indoor cats´ lives easier and happier. Check out these 25 original furniture designs that are 100% cat-friendly.

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Cats love squeezing into cozy warm things so this original hamburger cat home might become your pet´s new favorite place to sleep.

www.boredpanda.com cat-furniture-creative-design-fbwww.boredpanda.com

Another cats´ hotspot is the heater and this amazing thing will make it even more enjoyable and comfortable for them.

www.trendhunter.com bamboo-cat-radiator-bedwww.trendhunter.com

The one who plays doesn’t have time to be naughty.

www.hauspanther.com Goldtatze2www.hauspanther.com

If your cat family is larger then usual, you will probably appreciate this furniture design.

www.lushome.com cat-houses-modern-furniture-design-small-pets-2www.lushome.com

No matter if it resembles a flying saucer, barbeque or nutshell, cats just like it.

www.thehouseface.com cat-view-Awesome-Pet-House-for-Cats-and-Small-Dogs-Called-Cool-Pot-by-Hepper-580x588www.thehouseface.com

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