25 Optical Illusions And Phenomena Only Seen In Nature

We’re all familiar with man made optical illusions, but did you know that nature can actually produce optical illusions as well? For example, have you ever witnessed something that seemed a little bit off in nature? Maybe something moving that shouldn’t be moving?

Or maybe a natural phenomenon resembling something completely out of place. From clouds and halos to auroras and mirages these are 25 optical illusions and phenomena only seen in nature!


Horsetail Falls

Horsetail FallsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

It’s not actually on fire, but when the light hits the water at the right angle, it sure looks like it!


Sun Dogs

Sun DogsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Also known as phantom suns, this happens when ice crystals in the atmosphere create the effect of having two extra suns on either side of the real sun.


Fata Morgana

Fata MorganaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A complex type of mirage, Fata Morganas are cause by air of different temperatures distorting light waves.


Light Pillar

Light PillarSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Once again, ice crystals are responsible for the vertical beam you sometimes see over light sources in the sky.


Brocken Spectre

Brocken SpecterSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Also called “mountain spectre”, this happens when your magnified shadow is cast on clouds or fog below you.

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