25 Oldest People To Accomplish Amazing Feats

Whoever said that you can’t do anything when you get old was sorely mistaken. At the end of the day, age is just a number and nothing should–can– stop us from doing what we love. We only live once and life’s too short to just stay at home dreaming of doing something when we can always go out and actually do it. The 25 oldest people to accomplish amazing feats show us how men and women in their later years achieve we thought was not possible for their age – sail across the ocean, climb Mount Everest, get a degree and so much more. Read on and get inspired!

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Oldest Person To Begin Primary School

Kimani Maruge

The misconception that you can’t learn new things when you are old is now shattered thanks to Kimani Maruge who enrolled in the first grade at 84 years old. There is therefore no excuse for the rest of us. Excuse me, I feel like reading a book or something.


Oldest Competitive Video Gamer

Doris Self

And you thought you had game! Check out Doris Self. At 81 years old, she’s spanking and taking names. At the Twin Galaxies 1984 Video Game Masters Tournament, Doris was able to clench a world record with 1,112,300 points on Twin Galaxies’ Tournament Settings (TGTS) — which is the most difficult settings in the game.


Oldest Bungee Jumper

Mohr Keet

Bungee Jumping is one of the most intense things you can do to feed your adrenaline rush addiction. Young people tremble at the thought of tackling this death defying feat. And so did 96 year old Mohr Keet…but he still took the plunge and entered the Guinness world record as the oldest bungee jumper ever. As if that’s not enough, Mohr jumped from South Africa’s Western Cape which is a 708ft drop!


Oldest Person To Visit The North Pole


The North Pole is a harsh environment with temperatures reaching −43 °C (−45 °F). A constantly changing landscape, life is scarce and few can tolerate the brutal cold. Nevertheless Dorothy Davenhill Hirsch of 89 years and 109 days visited the north pole while aboard the Russian Nuclear Ice Breaker Yamal.


Oldest Person to Visit The South Pole

Simon Murray

Though the North Pole is a harsh environment, it can’t compare to the brutal harshness of the South Pole. Presently located in the continent of Antarctica 9,301 ft. above sea level the South Pole is a frozen desert with temperature reaching −58 °C (−72 °F). It is in this harshness that Simon Murray, 63 years 309 days old trekked the 1,200 km journey from the Hercules Inlet on the Zumberge Coast, Antarctica to the South Pole; a journey that took him 2 months to complete. Murray became the oldest man to reach the South Pole unsupported.

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