25 Oldest Cities People Don’t Realize Are Actually Still Around

Have you ever visited an ancient civilization? It’s like time traveling to a similar, yet otherworldly, place. As you walk among the ruins, you can imagine what life was like hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

The oldest cities from around the world still offer a lot of knowledge despite some losses of archaeological evidence. Understanding the way people used to inhabit settlements can truly give us a broader picture of our own history.

In this article, you will go on a journey through some of the earliest human habitations and uncover ancient artifacts. You will also discover how some of the oldest cities either grew to power or fell to ruin.

These fascinating stories from the past can provide a glimpse into how human history developed and how the world has been shaped.

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Larnaca, Cyprus


The Phoenicians most likely founded Larnaca, Cyprus, in 1,400 B.C.

The ancient city is rich in history. It is home to the 9th-century Church of Sanit Lazarus, which holds the tomb of a saint who is believed to have risen from the dead.

People from all over the world now flock to Larnaca for its beautiful beaches, great weather, and trendy waterfront bar scene.


Jericho, West Bank

Prayer Wallhttps://www.usnews.com/news/cities/slideshows/10-of-the-oldest-cities-in-the-world?slide=4

Jericho is one of the oldest known settlements in the world, dating back to around 9,000 B.C. It is located in the Jordan Valley west of Jerusalem.

The ancient city has been made famous by the Biblical story that tells of the Israelite leader Joshua’s victory over its Canaanite citizens.

Many people travel to Jericho just to see the 8,000-year-old protective wall that once stood 12 feet high.


Athens, Greece


Athens is currently the capital of Greece, which was once a powerful civilization and empire. Athens was also home to some of the greatest minds of a bygone era, including Socrates and Hippocrates.

While some of the ancient landmarks no longer exist, quite a few buildings are still intact, such as the colonnaded Parthenon temple. The Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum showcase historic vases, jewelry from ancient Greece, and other impressive artifacts.


Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Modern Plovdiv is a beautiful mixture between a modern city and an ancient settlement. The city center is nestled between seven hills in southern Bulgaria.

After finding mosaic panels, clay lamps, and early coins, historians deduced that inhabitants settled in Plovdiv around 1,400 B.C.

One of their ancient landmarks is still used to this day. The Philippopolis theatre once held around 6,000 people. It is now utilized to host operas and concerts.




Jerusalem is located between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea in the Middle East. Historians believe settlers began to inhabit the city around 2,800 B.C.

Over the thousands of years of its history, the city has been attacked over 52 times and has had to be completely rebuilt twice. Fortunately, scared religious sites like the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre have survived.

Currently, the city is claimed by both Israel and Palestine.

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