25 Of The World´s Most Beautiful And Original Christmas Trees

Apart from Christmas markets that we have published a post about recently, there is another symbol of Christmas which is often the dominant attraction in many cities all over the world – the Christmas tree. Originated in Germany possibly as early as in the 15th century, the tradition of Christmas tree decoration has spread in many parts of the world. Now, billions of (not only Christian) people decorate their Christmas trees with a variety of ornaments, lights, candies etc. But it is not just people´s homes where the Christmas trees can be found. Often in giant versions, some of the most impressive Christmas trees are raised in the major squares of numerous world´s metropolis. From a golden Christmas tree in Japan to a traditional Christmas tree in the Vatican, check out these 25 of the most beautiful and original Christmas trees from all over the world.


In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the 65-foot (20 meters) tall Christmas tree is placed in the centre of an ice rink surrounded by the PPG Place complex and the Wintergarden. Night skating under the shining tree with the surrounding skyscrapers reflecting in the ice must be an amazing experience.

thewondrous.com Christmas-tree-and-skating-rink-Pittsburgh-USAthewondrous.com

If you prefer watching the Christmas tree from inside, you should visit Paris. Located in the renowned Galleries Lafayette, the 82-foot (25 meters) tall Christmas tree decorated with Swarowski crystals becomes the prime tourist attraction of the luxurious department store every year.

www.cntraveler.com 53d9d198dcd5888e145a2885_galeries-lafayette-paris-christmas-treewww.cntraveler.com


In Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, the Christmas tree is always raised in the Independence Square. The tree has a different design every year. In 2011, it had this original round shape and colorful patterns.

www.flickr.com 6665827259_9fc895f772_zwww.flickr.com

In December 2012, the world's largest floating Christmas tree was lit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Boasting truly enormous proportions (weighing 542 tons and a height of 85 meters [280 feet], the tree was built on 11 giant platforms in Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon.

murderousmusings.blogspot.com Arvoremurderousmusings.blogspot.com


In 2011, this unusual Christmas tree was built in Seoul, South Korea. Located on the Aegibong Peak, a hilly area less than 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) from the border separating the two Koreas, the tree could have been seen by the North Koreans too.

www.asianews.it COREA_-_Alberowww.asianews.it

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