25 of the World’s Most Amazing Waterfalls

Posted by , Updated on April 19, 2014

There are few things more awe inspiring than watching millions of gallons of water plummet thousands of feet down to the Earth. Of course, while you are probably familiar with some of the waterfalls on this list others have only been discovered within the past few years. Each with its own unique features, these are 25 of the world’s most amazing waterfalls.


gullfoss falls

Probably one the most unconventional waterfalls in the world, Gulfoss can be found on the southern coast of Iceland and as you can see the water isn’t always falling!



langfoss falls

Image Source

Few other falls in the world will allow you to get so close in your car as Langfoss Falls in Norway.


Caracol Falls

caracol falls

Behind Iguazu Falls (#2) this is the second most popular tourist attraction in Brazil. To get to the base of the waterfall you have to take a steep 927 step trail but for those of you adverse to climbing there is a 100ft observation tower nearby with incredible views.


Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes

Located in Croatia, it’s something like the Grand Canyon…except with bright green colored moss lining the sides and crystal clear lakes at the bottom. And thanks to mineral runoff from the Dinerac Alps the water is uniquely turquoise colored.


Cuquenan Falls

cuquenan falls

Image Source

This Venezuelan waterfall is the second tallest in Venezuela after Angel Falls (#1) with a drop of about 2,000 feet.

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