25 Of The Weirdest Places Human Bodies Have Been Found

If you think that corpses and human remains found in some of the most bizarre and improbable places is something you can only see in horror or crime stories, you are wrong. In fact, many of these movies have been inspired by actual events. From a body rolled up in a gym mat to a corpse stuck in a chimney, check out 25 of the most unusual places human bodies have been found.

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Set of CSI: New York

en.wikipedia.org Bm-gingeren.wikipedia.org

In 2006, things got scarily realistic during a filming of CSI: New York. Inside the building where production was underway, a building engineer found a mummified corpse. What makes this case even creepier is the fact that the episode actually involved a plot with a mummified body!


Set of CSI: Miami

en.wikipedia.org Miamimetroareaen.wikipedia.org

Shockingly enough, a few days after the mummified body was found at the set of CSI: New York, the set of CSI: Miami also became a real crime scene. While filming in the Bicentennial Park in Miami, Florida, the cast of the show were attempting to get aerial footage when the officer spotted a dead body floating just a few yards from the set’s location.


Elevator shaft

commons.wikimedia.org Second_elevator_shaft_at_Portercommons.wikimedia.org

In January 2009, an elevator shaft in an abandoned Detroit warehouse was host to a gruesome discovery: A body encased in ice with its legs exposed. Though the circumstances surrounding this death are unknown, it’s believed that the homeless person got stuck in the elevator shaft while trying to retrieve something.


Tiger shark stomach

simple.wikipedia.org Tigershark2simple.wikipedia.org

Although the odds of being killed and eaten by a shark are small, this possibility is indeed real. In 2010 a tiger shark was caught on a fishing expedition and prior to its release, it regurgitated a human foot.


Wooden gallery

en.wikipedia.org Papua_New_Guineanen.wikipedia.org

If you think having the ashes of deceased family members in an urn is kind of morbid, you probably haven´t heard of the Kuku-Kuku people in Papua New Guinea. If a member of the tribe dies, they stab the body to milk out its fluid, draw out its internal organs through the anal spigot and hold the corpse over a fire to suck out moisture and kill bacteria. Then, the preserved body is placed into a decorative wooden gallery.

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