25 Of The Weirdest Jobs On Earth

Posted by , Updated on February 8, 2024

From sniffing armpits to crying at funerals, people get paid to do some pretty crazy things. So just in case you were looking for a change of profession here are 25 of the Weirdest Jobs On Earth.



Gum Buster

weird jobs

If you have a passion for gum free tables, theaters, and sidewalks, just know that there are people out there who will hire you!


Breath Odor Evaluator (bubble gum/mouth care companies)

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Typically hired by mint and toothpaste companies, these people keep smelling that stank breath until the minty freshness does its job.


Flatulence Smell Reduction Underwear Maker

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These guys are basically tasked with engineering underwear that reduces the typically unpleasant post-fart stink.


Duck Master

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Some hotels hire these guys to take care of the ducks in their pond and parade them around the grounds.


Dog Breath Sniffer

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This is basically the canine version of the Breath Odor Evaluator.


Ash Portrait Artist (United States)

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There is actually a company in Virginia that hires artists to create portraits from the ashes of dead people.


Professional Apologizer (Japan)

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They’re hired by professional apology services to apologize on behalf of people. We’re not even joking.


Bed Warmer (United Kingdom)

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Some hotels apparently have employees roll around in their beds to warm things up for their guests.


Human Scarecrow (United Kingdom)

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There have been stories of students actually doing this part time.


Professional Hitchhiker (Indonesia)

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The government has restricted some lanes of traffic to only cars with 3 or more people due to overcrowding. Poor people from the city outskirts take advantage of this by offering drivers to ride with them in the “fast lanes”.


Paint Drying Watcher (wherever paint is drying)

weird jobs

Companies actually hire people to do this. It has to do with making sure the paint is durable as it dries.


Professional Iceberg Mover (in the ocean somewhere)

weird jobs

These guys can thank the captain of the Titanic for their jobs.


Professional Sleeper (Finland)

weird jobs

A Finnish company made headlines not long ago when it advertised this position. Apparently they needed comfort levels to be checked.


Professional Elephant Dresser (Sri Lanka)

weird jobs

Well, somebody has to convince the elephant to put on some stinkin’ clothes for the ceremony!


Professional Ear Cleaner (India)

weird jobs

For an extra penny they’ll clean your left nostril. Ok, we’re kidding. Q-tips anyone?


Gender Equality Consultant (Sweden)

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It’s not entirely clear what they do but word has it that they just go around making sure that typical gender stereotypes aren’t being enforced.


Ostrich Babysitter (South Africa)

weird jobs

It’s like babysitting kids, except ostriches.


Chicken Sexer (anywhere there are chickens)

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These people have one job – figure out if the chick is male or a female.


Car Plate Blockers (Iran)

weird jobs

In Tehran, the capital, only cars with certain license plate numbers are allowed on the road on certain days so people just pay someone to stand behind their plate and cover it.


Bike Fishers (Amsterdam)

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With all those bikes and all those canals you can see why this job might exist.


Cuidacarros (Brazil)

weird jobs

These guys watch your car when you’re gone and beat up anybody that tries to steal it.


Professional Mourner (usually Asia and Africa)

weird jobs

They are actually paid to cry at funerals.


Professional Snuggler (Japan)

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They usually work in snuggle cafes. Whatever that is.


Oshiya (Japan)

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Again in Japan, these guys are paid to push people onto trains.


Toques (Mexico)

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In Mexico there are actually people who walk around with batteries giving people shocks. Supposedly it sobers them up.