25 Of The Weirdest Jobs On Earth

Posted by , Updated on April 1, 2015


From sniffing armpits to crying at funerals, people get paid to do some pretty crazy things. So just in case you were looking for a change of profession here are 25 of the Weirdest Jobs On Earth.

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Gum Buster

weird jobs

If you have a passion for gum free tables, theaters, and sidewalks, just know that there are people out there who will hire you!


Breath Odor Evaluator (bubble gum/mouth care companies)

weird jobs

Typically hired by mint and toothpaste companies, these people keep smelling that stank breath until the minty freshness does its job.


Flatulence Smell Reduction Underwear Maker

weird jobs

These guys are basically tasked with engineering underwear that reduces the typically unpleasant post-fart stink.


Duck Master

weird jobs

Some hotels hire these guys to take care of the ducks in their pond and parade them around the grounds.


Dog Breath Sniffer

weird jobs

This is basically the canine version of the Breath Odor Evaluator.

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