25 Of The Wackiest Souvenirs From Around The World

Posted by , Updated on May 28, 2015


What’s the weirdest souvenir you have ever bought? Arguably one of the most iconic things about traveling is acquiring mementos by which to remember the traveling experience. Some souvenirs are your typical t-shirt, magnet, or statue. However, there are some souvenirs that break the mold of conventionality and offers the traveler a unique keepsake that can be as memorable if not more than the trip itself. From Troll dolls to Kangaroo Scrotum bottle openers (seriously), these are 25 Of The Wackiest Souvenirs From Around The World.


Llama Fetuses

Llama Fetuses

On Bolivian streets the tourists amble up and down buying woven bags, hammocks, and alpaca sweaters at extremely cheap prices. But if you look closely you’ll find something more than the usual tourist fare: llama fetuses. Llama fetuses are one of the most important parts of an offering to Pachamama, Mother Earth, who has a tremendous following in Bolivia. It is also believed they bring good fortune to everyone who buys one.


Handcrafted Devil Puppet

Handcrafted Devil Puppet

The art of Czech marionette and puppet making goes back to the eighteenth century. They are traditionally hand-carved from wood or made from plaster. They usually represent all kinds of characters from devils, witches, and wizards to clowns, kings, and princesses.


Green Tea Kit Kats

Green Tea Kit Kats

Green Tea Kit Kats have quickly become the most sought-after snack from Japan. These epic treats have a sweet matcha flavor mixed with creamy white chocolate on a crispy wafer that Nestle has perfected. Next time you’re in Japan, you know what to buy.


Gold Bars

Gold Bars

If you’re rich enough and happen to vacation in the United Arab Emirates pretty often then you’re probably aware of this super-rich souvenir that you can find in the Dubai airport. So, if you can afford it then you should spoil yourself and spend a few thousand dollars on twenty-four carats of pure gold as a souvenir.


Elephant poop


You read that right. Good ol’ 100% natural elephant poop is available for a most memorable keepsake of your trip to the Natural History Museum in London. It even comes with ten sunflower seeds!

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