25 Of The Strangest Fruits You Have Ever Seen

What are some of the strangest fruits you have ever eaten? Is the bitter gourd one of them? Maybe the Physalis? While you may have had the exotic privilege of eating exotic fruits, what you may not realize is just how many exotic fruits there are exist. Well, first of all, let’s backtrack. Many of the things that you would consider to be vegetables are technically fruits. Why technically? Because “vegetable” is not a scientific word. It has no precise definition. It is a culinary word that more or less describes a savory food originating from a plant. This can be a root (like a carrot) or the plant itself (like a cabbage). A scientist would most likely divide these “plant centric” foods into fruits, roots, leaves, etc. A chef, on the other hand, would most likely just use the terms “fruit” and “vegetable”. Now that we have that out of the way we are going to focus on fruits.

Assuming that you live in an English speaking country that isn’t in Africa or Asia (India, Nigeria, etc) the fruit you are about to see aren’t your everyday fruits. While Europeans and North Americans are exposed to what they see as your “standard fruits” (bananas, apples, blueberries, etc), people in many other countries have very little knowledge of such fruits. To them, apples and blueberries are extremely exotic. The point, however, is this – that exoticism is relative. At any rate, for most of you these will be 25 of the strangest fruits you have ever seen!



AguajeSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Used to make oil, jam, ice cream, and even wine, this South American fruit is known for its multipurpose nature.


Markut Lime

Markut LimeSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This Asian fruit has also been called a kaffir lime but the term “kaffir” is offensive in some cultures so The Oxford Companion to Food recommends using the term markut lime instead



CherimoyaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Also known as the ice cream fruit because the inside has a similar texture, Mark Twain described this South American delicacy as the “most delicious fruit known to man”.


Romanesco broccoli

Romanesco broccoliSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

First documented in Italy, the shape of this fruit has led to the name broccoflower (cauliflower).



PandanusSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A major source of nutrition in Micronesia, this fruit has many uses and can even be used as dental floss!

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