25 Of The Rarest Birds You Might Have Never Seen

Chances are you’ve probably never seen some of the rarest birds in the world and you are not alone. There approximately ten thousand different species of birds. Some of them are very common, in fact you probably see them every day. Other birds however are not so common to the point that they go unnoticed for years at a time. Today´s post is dedicated to birds that are so rare, few people have ever even seen them. From the giant ibis and the California condor to the Ruppell´s vulture, learn about these incredibly rare birds with these 25 Of The Rarest Birds You Might Have Never Seen.


Tooth-billed Pigeon

Tooth-billed PigeonSource: wikipedia.org, image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tooth-billed_Pigeon.jpg

Also known as the manumea, the tooth-billed pigeon is a large pigeon found only in Samoa (of which it is the national bird). Because of ongoing habitat loss, limited range, hunting and occasional cyclones as well as the impact of introduced species such as pigs, dogs, rats and cats, this bird is evaluated as critically endangered with only a few hundreds of individuals surviving in the wild.



KaguSource: wikipedia.org, image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Juvenile_kagu.jpg

The kangu is a large, up to 55 cm (22 in) long, ground-living bird endemic to the dense mountain forests of New Caledonia. Easily recognizable by its ‘nasal corns’ that are a unique feature not shared with any other bird, the kagu is exclusively carnivorous, feeding on a variety of animals such as annelid worms, snails and lizards. Unfortunately, the bird is vulnerable to introduced predators and is threatened with extinction.


California Condor

California Condor Source: wikipedia.org, image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/usfws_pacificsw/5057206247

A New World vulture, the California condor is the largest North American land bird. It became extinct in the wild in 1987 due to poaching, lead poisoning and habitat destruction but the species has been successfully reintroduced to parts of Arizona, Utah and California. Yet, this majestic bird remains critically endangered.


Honduran Emerald

Honduran Emerald Source: wikipedia.org, image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Honduran_Emerald_(Amazilia_luciae)_(2495402213).jpg

Found only in Honduras, the Honduran emerald is a small species of hummingbird. Living in subtropical and tropical forests and shrub lands, the Honduran emerald is seriously threatened by habitat loss and deforestation. The only area where it is locally common is in arid thorn forest and scrub in the upper Rio Aguan Valley in central Honduras.


Ivory-billed Woodpecker

Ivory-billed WoodpeckerSource: wikipedia.org, image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ivory-billed_Woodpecker_by_Jerry_A._Payne.jpg

Native to the virgin forests of the Southeastern United States, the ivory-billed woodpecker is one of the largest woodpeckers in the world, at roughly 50 cm (20 in) long and 76 cm (30 in) in wingspan. Massive destruction of its natural habitat caused this bird to be critically endangered. However, it might be possible that the bird is already extinct as there have been no sightings of this bird in recent years.

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