25 Of The Most Unbelievably Overcrowded Places On The Planet

Posted by , Updated on November 20, 2022

From trains and pools to streets and cemeteries these are 25 of the most unbelievably overcrowded places on the planet!


The most crowded street - Oxford Street

unbelievably crowded places

With over 200 million people bustling along its shop fronts every year some parts have even had to be reconstructed to accommodate more foot traffic.


The most crowded country - Monaco

unbelievably crowded places

It’s less than 1 square mile and has over 30,000 people.


The most crowded train - India

unbelievably crowded places

The picture says it all.


The most crowded beach - China

unbelievably crowded places

It can be hard to see the waterline at Qingdao Huiquan Beach sometimes.


The most crowded island - Santa Cruz de Islote

unbelievably crowded places

Just off the coast of Colombia this island has a population density of 124,700 people per square mile .


The most crowded cemetery - London

unbelievably crowded places

In London’s largest cemetery authorities are asking people if they wouldn’t mind sharing graves.


The most crowded intersection - Shibuya Crossing

unbelievably crowded places

Found in Tokyo, over 2.5 million people cross its white stripes every day.


The most crowded prison - Kresty Prison

unbelievably crowded places

Found in Russia this prison was built for 3,000 inmates but it holds 10,000.


The most crowded McDonalds - Moscow

unbelievably crowded places

That’s right, a McDonalds in Pushkin Square has long been the busiest in the world serving over 40,000 customers every day.


The most crowded city - Manila, Philippines

unbelievably crowded places

It’s almost 4 times as crowded as New York City.


The most crowded trauma hospital - Camp Bastion

unbelievably crowded places

Located on a British military base in the middle of the Afghan desert this hospital has been one of the busiest on Earth in the last few years.


The most crowded highway - King's Highway 401

unbelievably crowded places

With over half a million cars shuttling back and forth everyday this stretch of road from Windsor to Quebec is one of the busiest in the world.


The most crowded tourist attraction - Times Square

unbelievably crowded places

Sometimes called the “crossroads of the world” it is the most visited place on Earth with nearly 40 million people passing through every year.


The most crowded shopping center - Mall of America

unbelievably crowded places

Found near the Twin Cities in Minnesota this mall receives nearly 40 million people every year.


The most crowded subway - Tokyo

unbelievably crowded places

Yes, there are actually people paid to shove passengers into the subway.


The most crowded stadium - Maracana

unbelievably crowded places

This stadium found in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil set the world record for stadium attendance with nearly a quarter million spectators.


The most crowded pool - Tokyo Summerland

unbelievably crowded places

There is not much free space to be found here.


The most crowded escalator - Tokyo

unbelievably crowded places

The city is so crowded that not long ago one of its escalators came to a grinding halt and started moving backwards. People began piling up at the bottom and some even had to go to the hospital.


The most crowded airport - Hartsfield Jackson, Atlanta

unbelievably crowded places

It has over 90 million passengers pass through its gates every year.


The most crowded waterway - Panama Canal

unbelievably crowded places

Designed to handle 80 million tonnes of cargo annually it now handles 300 million.


The most crowded bridge - George Washington Bridge, New York

unbelievably crowded places

This bridge is so busy that it has two levels and fourteen lanes.


The most crowded hotel - Tokyo

unbelievably crowded places

Japan’s space conserving capsule inns are more accommodating than they look.


The most crowded parking lot - China

unbelievably crowded places

Just south of Chengdu you’ll find this tiny yet overstuffed parking lot. In spite of the ridiculous congestion, locals claim that in the past year there has only been 1 scrape.


The most crowded extra terrestrial location - ISS

unbelievably crowded places

For now its the only inhabited extra terrestrial location so there really isn’t much competition in this category.


The most crowded place - Mongkok Commercial and Residential District

unbelievably crowded places

Found in Hong Kong, the most crowded place irrespective of category has over 340,000 people per square mile.

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