25 Of The Most Scummy Jobs In The World

Although most jobs can be corrupted by the wrong person, there are some positions that most people agree are more susceptible to abuse than others. And then there are other positions that are bad no matter how you look at it. This list will contain a little bit of both. These are 25 Of The Most Scummy Jobs In The World.

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Patent trolls

patentSource: wikipedia

They buy patents and make money off suing people.



paparazziSource: wikipedia

It’s basically legal stalking


Professional panhandlers

panhandlingSource: washingtonpost

We’re not talking about legit homeless people. We’re talking about people with jobs that pretend to be homeless.


Human trafficker

traffickingSource: wikipedia

Whether it’s to get someone across a border or to sell someone into slavery, scum is scum


Multi-level marketer

scamSource: wikipedia, Image: pixabay.com (public domain)

So you make money by signing up other people to make money by signing other people up? Sounds legit. Now just tell them that they’re their “own boss.”

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