25 Of The Most Popular Souvenirs From Around The World

Posted by , Updated on March 22, 2024

When traveling, it’s common to seek out small mementos that serve as reminders of our experiences and the places we’ve visited once we return home. Though we all strive for originality and aspire to find something truly unique, it’s often the case that we find ourselves purchasing the most stereotypical and gaudy items in the most garish of souvenir shops. However, it almost feels as though your trip to Paris is incomplete without acquiring the quintessential Eiffel Tower keychain. For a look at 25 of the most common, albeit occasionally over-the-top, souvenirs found globally, take a look at 25 Of The Most Popular Souvenirs From Around The World.


Mount Rushmore oil lamp, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore oil lampwww.pinterest.com

South Dakota is not among the major American tourist hotspots but they do have a landmark that is famous all over the world and they make sure you will remember it. Once you visit this state, don’t forget to get something with Mount Rushmore on it, for example this super useful oil lamp.


Sumo wrestler, Japan

Sumo wrestlericosnap.com

Japan is famous for many things but for some reason, it’s sumo, a competitive full-contact wrestling sport, which is among the most popular themed souvenirs tourists buy.


Dracula cup, Romania

Dracula cupwww.destination-romania.ro

If you say Romania, the first thing that may come to most people´s mind is vampire Dracula alias Vlad the Impaler. No wonder that all the local souvenir shops are literally packed with Dracula-themed items, such as these terrifying vampire cups.


Great Wall of China thermometer, China

Great Wall of China thermometerwww.greatwallforum.com

Kill two birds with one stone with this souvenir. Tell people of your traveling exploits while staying up to date as to the current temperature condition.


Pope bottle opener, Vatican

Pope bottle openerwww.flickr.com

We all know that Vatican City State is the seat of His Holiness and once you visit the world´s smallest independent state located within Rome, you will remember it for the rest of your life. The portraits of the Pope are everywhere. Even on the most mundane objects such as a bottle opener.


Pharaoh statuette, Egypt

Pharaoh statuettewww.flickr.com

The pyramids, the sphinx, camels and… pharaohs. You simply cannot leave Egypt without one of these statuettes in your luggage.


Christ the Redeemer statuette, Brazil

Christ the Redeemer statuettewww.maria-brazil.org

Overlooking Rio de Janeiro, the 30 m (almost 100 ft) statue of Christ de Redeemer is the most iconic landmark of the city and possibly of the country. No wonder it comes in all sizes, shapes and materials in souvenir shops all over Rio.


Golem statuette, Czech Republic

Golem statuettedouble-dutch-blog.com

What may look like a Czech version of the sumo wrestler is actually a statuette of Golem, a mythical anthropomorphic being that is alleged to have been created by a Prague rabbi in the 16th century. These statuettes are among the most popular Czech souvenirs.


Eiffel Tower keychain, France

a key chain with a small tower, most popular souvenirs around the world

No souvenir list would be complete without the mother of all souvenirs, the Eiffel Tower keychain. Hanging on your keys, this little metal item will let everybody know that you have been to Paris.


Canned fog, California

Canned fogwww.citylab.com

There are two iconic things to be seen in San Francisco, California – the famed Golden Gate Bridge and the fog. If you buy the canned fog, you will have both – one on the outside, the other (at least supposedly) in the inside.


Double-decker bus model, England

Double-decker bus modelwww.bulksouvenirs.com

Apart from the world famous tourist attractions such as the Tower Bridge, the London Eye or the Buckingham Palace, the capital of the UK has one more thing every tourist needs to see and take picture of – the iconic red double-decker bus. Once there, don’t forget to buy a little model of the bus.


Cowbell souvenir, Switzerland

Cowbell souvenirswww.flickr.com

Although Switzerland is a small country, is has not just one but several things it’s famous for. The Swiss army knife, Swiss chocolate, Swiss watch – these things are reputable all over the world. But when it comes to souvenirs, there is a thing that might be even more popular – little decorative cowbells.


Decorated skulls, Mexico

Decorated skullsquirkytravelguy.com

If you are planning to visit Mexico, remember to get one of these disturbingly cute colorful skulls. One of the most popular souvenir items in the country, they refer to the Day of the Dead, a traditional Mexican holiday massively celebrated all over the country.


Straw hats, Thailand

Straw hatswww.flickr.com

In the recent years, Thailand has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, attracting millions of visitors from all over the world every year. And what to get for a souvenir in this country? The traditional straw hat.


Matryoshka doll, Russia

Matryoshka doll

Also known as the Russian nesting doll, the Matryoshka doll is a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other. This souvenir item has gotten so popular it’s even sold in some other countries, although the origin and theme of the doll is purely Russian.


Mozartkugel, Austria


Named in honor of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the world´s greatest music composers, the Mozartkugel is a candy confection made of marzipan, nougat and dark chocolate.  This sweet delicacy is the most popular souvenir tourists buy in Austria, the country where Mozart was born.


Painted elephant statuette, India

elephant statuetteglobetrottergirls.com

There are many people who collect little elephant keepsakes but in India, this souvenir is particularly favored. And there is a good reason for that – India is the country where the largest population of the endangered Indian elephant lives.


Stone Maltese cross, Malta

Maltese crosswww.maltaproducts.com

A part of the Maltese civil ensign, the Maltese cross is one of the most important national symbols of Malta. Local souvenir shops offer it in all possible versions but mostly, it is made from white limestone, typical of the little Mediterranean country.


Viking horns, Sweden

Viking helmetdomesouvenirsplus.com

Sweden is a country where Vikings lived and the cult of these feared medieval warriors and seafarers is still present here. It comes as no surprise then that the Viking horned helmets are among the souvenirs that most tourists want to bring home from Sweden.


Dancing doll, Hawaii

Dancing dollwww.world-wide-gifts.com

Sweet Hawaii… Sun, crystal clear water, amazing beaches and… those beautiful tanned hula dancers with the flower wreaths! Don’t forget to get one of these dolls before you go back to the cold gloominess of your everyday reality.


Brandenburg Gate replica, Germany

Brandenburg Gate replicawww.etsy_.com

An 18th-century neoclassical triumphal arch, the Brandenburg Gate is an iconic landmark of Berlin and a major tourist attraction of Germany. People often buy the replica of the structure and pose with it in front of the actual gate.


Maple syrup, Canada

Maple syrupglobal.rakuten.com

Canada is by far the world´s largest producer of maple syrup and the maple leaf is widely recognized as the country´s national symbol so when it comes to souvenirs, there is nothing more Canadian than maple syrup contained in a little bottle designed in the shape of the maple leaf.


Painted clogs, Netherlands


When in Netherlands, you can choose from a wide of range of souvenirs typical of this country. Windmills, tulips, cheese – all these things are iconic symbols of Netherlands. But there is one more thing – super trendy but almost unwearable painted clogs! Made entirely from wood, they are among the most desired Dutch souvenirs.


Kangaroo scrotum lighter, Australia

Kangaroo scrotum lighterwww.havesnarkwilltravel.com

As the kangaroo is the most popular animal symbol of Australia, it comes as no surprise that many souvenirs are kangaroo-themed. However, the fact that one of the most common memorabilia is the poor marsupial´s scrotum designed as keychain or lighter, can be very…surprising.


Little mermaid statuette, Denmark

Little mermaid statuettewww.allposters.com

Based on the fairy tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen has become a major tourist attraction of the city as well as the whole country. Naturally, a miniature model of the statue is what most tourists visiting Denmark want to get as a keepsake.