25 Of The Most Popular (And Commonly Broken) New Year Resolutions

Posted by , Updated on December 31, 2014


The end of a year is not just a time that we spend partying, drinking and having fun with our friends and families. For almost a half of people all over the world, it is also a while when they evaluate what they have done during the year and what they should change in the upcoming year. In the U.S., 45% of people make New Year resolutions. To see what the most common resolutions are and why it can be so difficult to actually keep them, check out today´s post dedicated to the most common New Year resolutions.

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Manage stress better

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What sounds like a natural and reasonable resolution is very often difficult, vague and hardly a measurable thing with only about 5% of people actually doing it. There are some psychological strategies on how to handle stress but they are extremely hard to acquire. In fact, stressing less is likely to be the very first resolution you’ll break this new year.


Enjoy life to the fullest

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This resolution also sounds very pleasant and agreeable but the failure rate is very high again. Many people work way too hard and even if they are on vacation and don’t work, they at least think of it. The sad truth is that the tight family budgets often simply don’t allow people keep this resolution, forcing them to work more and more.


Stop procrastinating

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Procrastination, the practice of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, has become a serious problem often resulting in stress, anxiety, a sense of guilt and crisis, and possibly even health problems. The practice is particularly widespread among students – estimates suggest that up to 95% of college students are engaged in procrastination. No wonder quitting this habit made it among the most popular New Year resolutions in the recent years.



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Some of the first things we tend to think of in a new year are those exotic destinations and foreign countries we would love to see. Unfortunately, what usually happens is that we need the money for way less exciting and romantic things and our travel bucket list will stay unchecked.


Improve a relationship

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During Christmas, people tend to be more helpful, kind and warm-hearted. Consequently, they sometimes resolve to improve a relationship with a family member. But soon after the holiday atmosphere and festive spirit is over, reconciling is the last thing people care for.

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