25 Of The Most Off-The-Wall Uses For Coca Cola

Posted by , Updated on May 31, 2015


If you’re one of those strange people who prefer coke to pepsi then this list might not surprise you very much. But for the rest of us, you’ll be in awe as to how much you can actually do with a bottle of coke besides drink it! These are 25 of the most off the wall uses for Coca Cola.



strange uses for coca cola

Coke can actually improve the quality of compost.


Loosening bolts

strange uses of coca cola

If you’re struggling to loosen rusty bolts then just pour some coke on them and try a little later.


Curing hiccups

strange uses of coca cola

Next time you get hiccups try holding your breath and then drinking some coke quickly.


Defrosting windshields

strange uses of coca cola

If you live up north you’ll probably want to try this one out!


Relieving stomach pain

strange uses of coca cola

Next time you’re nauseated try drinking some flat coke slowly. It’s actually prescribed by some doctors for a disorder called gastric phytobezoar.


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