25 Of The Most Important People In History Who Are Drastically Underrated

Some of the most important people in history are people you’ve probably never heard of. How is this possible? Get ready because if you are a history buff, this list will hit close to home.

History is replete with people that never get the proper recognition that they deserve. It’s always the dog that barks the loudest that gets dinner right? However the biggest heroes in history are usually the underdogs. They’re the guys and girls in the shadows. Those that didn’t make very big waves but did outrageously courageous things. They sacrificed their lives, spent years making scientific breakthroughs, and contributed in very selfless ways to society. But in many cases their stories were either left out of history books, were overlooked, or they were replaced by a louder dog. And usually that louder dog is also a hero…but also a bit more histrionic, and less likable. So today, we are going to compile a tribute to the people who you may not know but who definitely left an impact on your life. These are 25 of the most important people in history who are drastically underrated.

By the way, if you do know somebody on this list, that’s awesome! But keep in mind that the vast majority of people may not know about these people. So get ready because these are 25 of the most important people in history who are drastically underrated!

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Maurice Hilleman

Maurice HillemanSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

An American microbiologist, Maurice developed 8 of the 14 vaccines that are currently recommended. Specifically those for measles, mumps, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, chickenpox, meningitis, pneumonia and Haemophilus influenzae bacteria


Rick Rescorla

Rick RescorlaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A retired US military officer who was working security at the World Trade Center, he anticipated the attacks and implemented escape plans. Many people survived because of his plans but Rick himself died while helping people get out of the buildings.


Stanislav Petrov

Stanislav PetrovSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A retired Soviet colonel, Stanislav was the officer on duty when the Soviet early warning system registered that 7 missiles had been launched from the US. On that day (September 26, 1983) Stanislav had full authority to launch an all-out counterstrike. Instead, he refrained because he believed the system was malfunctioning (it was). His reasoning was that if the US really was launching a strike it would most likely be all out, the system was new, and ground radar failed to corroborate the readings. He singlehandedly prevented a nuclear war.


Harvey Hubbell

Harvey HubbellSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

He invented the electrical socket.


John Harington

John HaringtonSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Thomas Crapper didn’t invent the flush toilet! John Harrington had already invented it 250 years before Crapper ever even came onto the scene.

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