25 Of The Most Haunted Places In America

Have you been to any of the most haunted places in America? Some of these places have friendly ghosts that post no threat to humans. However, other terrifying places in America have angry ghosts which have spooked many people. From a ghost truck which chases its victims off a cliff to the ghost of Marilyn Monroe be prepare to be spooked out of your mind. Go ahead and grab your EVP recorder, pack up your cameras, and get ready to take a frightening trip with us through 25 of the most haunted places in America.

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The White House

White House aerial viewSource: Stephen Wagner, Image: Wikimedia

First on our list, even the center of U.S. Presidential power is haunted. Abraham Lincoln’s ghost is most frequently seen, including by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Grace Coolidge. President Andrew Jackson’s ghost is said to haunt his old bedroom and First Lady Abigail Adams is occasionally seen carrying something through the White House’s hallways.


Queen Mary

Hotel Queen MarySource: Stephen Wagner, Image: Wikipedia

Moored off Long Beach, California, the Queen Mary was modified from its role as a luxury cruise-liner to a hotel in 1967. If you’re curious, listen for the ghosts of children around the pool and watch out in the changing rooms – hands are said to touch you out of nowhere.


General Wayne Inn

General Wayne InnSource: Stephen Wagner, Image: Wikimedia

Nowadays a Jewish center, the General Wayne Inn just outside of Philadelphia has had a rough history since its opening in 1704. Edgar Allen Poe wrote sections of his famous poem The Raven at the inn and even as recently as 1996 the property saw a murder and suicide due to owner disputes.


The Stanley Hotel

Stanley HotelSource: Stephen Wagner, Image: Wikimedia

This Estes Park, Colorado, luxury hotel inspired Stephen King’s book The Shining. Staying a night at the Stanley Hotel might leave you restless – children are said to play all night outside room 418 (the most haunted room) and you may awaken to find your blankets off and neatly folded.


Roosevelt Hotel

Roosevelt HotelSource: Stephen Wagner, Image: Wikimedia

One of Los Angeles’s most famous hotels, the Hollywood Boulevard’s Roosevelt Hotel is as haunted as it is popular. Stay in room 229 to catch a glimpse of Marilyn Monroe (or look for her in the ballroom) or listen for Montgomery Cliff and his trumpet around room 928.

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