25 Of The Most Famous Movie Aliens

Whether you believe or not in the existence of life outside Earth, it could not be denied that aliens heighten the appeal of any film, especially for sci-fi fanatics. Some of these extraterrestrial creatures may have been depicted as compassionate and friendly while others look scary and disgusting. They may come in peace or not but these creations of imagination have already reached mainstream popularity in one way or another. Loved or detested, these famous movie aliens have already penetrated human consciousness.

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If E.T. became known for being the most lovable, Alien, no doubt, holds the record of the nastiest member of the band. This creature breeds within a human host and grows into a lizard-like alien. Its mouth-within-a-mouth, teeth that are similar to daggers and aggression complements the gruesome style of the film.




Since the film was released in 1982, E.T. has remained in the hearts of many viewers. Complemented by the film’s memorable scenes and more heartwarming lines, viewers could not help but fervently join the stranded alien in his hope to get back home.




Yoda of Star Wars has become the symbol of wisdom. In fact, his pep talk drove Luke Skywalker to take the lead and defeat the Evil Emperor.




Aside from being one of the most popular aliens, Chewbacca is also regarded as one of the favorite sidekicks in the history of entertainment. Despite his lack of comprehension and mastery of the English language, his attitude and his gestures made him loved by his fans all over the world.




You may argue that Superman is just one of the many superheroes and nothing makes him a cut above the rest. However, it still remains true that the Man of Steel was not born in this planet, thus, making him an alien. His home planet is Krypton but it was destroyed shortly before Superman was brought to Earth.

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