25 Of The Most Creative Beds You Have Ever Seen

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How would like to sleep on a bed of grass, or a fish tank bed, or even a tree house bed? Sounds a bit crazy right? Usually, people don’t pay attention to bed designs. The size and comfort of the mattress tend to be the most important feature and if these things are OK, we are generally happy with the bed. But think about this for a second: On average, we spend as much as one third of our lives on a bed. That’s one third of our lives lying on top of something that looks…boring. Sure you can dress it up in a comforter set and pillows but at the end of the day, the bed is simply a rectangular object…period. But as you will soon see, some creative beds take issue with this rectangular norm.

From sleek and smart to absolutely outrageous (and somewhat painfully uncomfortable), beds now come in all shapes, designs, sizes and colors. Those who like to show off even while sleeping might want to take a look at 25 Of The Most Creative Beds available. While we can’t guarantee that all of the beds you are about to see offer the most comfortable rest, all of them are guaranteed to turn your sleep into a truly unique experience. So, are you ready for bed design mayhem? Of course you are! These are 25 Of The Most Creative Beds You Have Ever Seen.


Rocking bed

Rocking bed Source and image: indulgd.com

Designed by Japanese designer Yusuke Suzuki, this futuristic bed is for those who like dozing-off in their rocking chair.


Barrel bed

Barrel bedSource and image: www.likeaboss.com

Wine lovers will definitely appreciate sleeping in this extraordinary wooden bed made from a wine barrel.


Magnetic floating bed

Magnetic floating bedSource and image: dornob.com

If you don’t mind spending 1.6 million dollars on your bed, you can have this magnetic floating bed. Tethered to the ground, the bed can hold up to 1,500 pounds (680 kg).


Vertical bed

Vertical bedSource and image: boredpanda.com

Designed by Ernesto Neto, this bed encases the sleeper in a marshmallow of comfortable cushion while supporting the body in an upright position.


Lomme bed

Lomme bedSource and image: ideasgn.com

Designed by Agnieszka Bernacka, this egg-shaped bed is a part of the Lomme luxury bed line. It allows you to wake naturally, feeling refreshed and full of energy.


Molecular bed

Molecular bed Source and image: www.archello.com

What looks like a bunch of plush volleyballs is a comfortable bed known as Feel Seating System Deluxe. Just arrange it into your desired position and relax.


Star Wars bed

Star Wars bedSource and image: www.gamezone.com

The ultimate piece of Star Wars merchandize, this bed was designed to look just like Millennium Falcon, the iconic Star Wars spacecraft.


Hamburger bed

Hamburger bedSource and image: odditymall.com

Auctioned on Ebay as a fund-raiser in 2009, the hamburger bed was sold to a hamburger memorabilia collector who started his very own hamburger museum.


Loner´s bed

Loner´s bedSource and image: www.innamag.com

No couples here.


Cosmovoide bed

Cosmovoide bedSource and image: themattresswarehouse.co

Available at a price of $60,000, this fancy bed by Cosmovoide features a home theatre system along with a phone as well as a DVD player and TV.


Never-ending bed

Never-ending bedSource and image: roomdecorideas.eu

A unique combination of a bed, a sofa and even a wall, this bizarre bed design is one of the most creative we have seen.

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Earthquake beds

Earthquake bedSource and image: www.digitaltrends.com

Earthquake beds come in a variety of designs but they all do the same thing–protect you in the case of an earthquake. The brainchild of Russian inventor Dahir Semenov, the bed works by using sensors to detect ground movement. This triggers a series of events, the mattress drops you down into a panic-room-like chamber, and a lid slides covers you and protects you from debris.


Loopita bed

Loopita bedSource and image: pinterest.com

Designed for one or two people, this unconventional stylish bed known as Loopita is a great place to rest with your partner.


Fish tank bed

Fish tank bedSource and image: thisiswhyimbroke.com

Forget counting sheep to fall asleep. Watching the underwater life right from your bed is a guaranteed way to make you doze off.


Safety bed

Safety bedSource and image: growthfinancial.net

Designed by Belgian bed manufacturer Tovdesign, this bed is for those who fear rolling off the bed while sleeping. The quality of the sleep in this bed is debatable though.


Scoop bed

Scoop bedSource and image: oddee.com

Designed by Guido Rosati for Saba Italia, the scoop bed is a sophisticated and innovative answer to the demand for combining the sofa function with the bed function.


Sonic bed

Sonic bed Source and image: architecturendesign.net

Designed by Kaffe Matthews as a museum exhibit, the sonic bed is a large, purpose built king-size bed equipped with in-built speakers to play music for those who lie in it.


Bird nest bed

Bird nest bedSource and image: www.dailymail.co.uk

Designed as a part of the Green Garden Exhibition in 2008, this piece appears to be a very original and comfortable bed but it obviously requires a really big bedroom.


Fairytale bed

Fairytale bedSource and image: www.poshtots.com

Constructed from wood and fiberglass, this oval-shaped fairytale-like bed measures 6 ft (183 cm) in diameter, which makes it easy to fit to any little princess´ bedroom.


Grass bed

Grass bedSource and image: mentalfloss.com

Few things are as relaxing as lying in the grass on a nice summer day. But you don’t have to go to the park to take advantage of the feeling – just build your own grass outdoor bed.


Jin and Jang bed

Jin and Jang bed Source and image: indulgd.com

Those interested in traditional Chinese philosophy will surely appreciate this unique Jin and Yang bed design.


Tree bed

Tree bedSource and image: roomdecorideas.eu

This rustic bed design is perfect for a tree house, a wooden mountain cabin or just for people who like to feel nature around them.


Net bed

Net bedSource and image: www.instructables.com

All hammock fans´ dream, this bed design is very comfortable and can even be created at home as it only requires a wooden frame, netting and some basic DIY skills.


Car bed

Car bedSource and image: www.ghoofie.com

Car lovers can have their bed customized to resemble their favorite car models.


Enigma bed

Enigma bedSource and image: designbump.com

Designed by Joseph Walch, this bed embraces and protects, creating a personal environment beyond its primary function.

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