25 Bizarre Dining Experiences You Need To Try In Your Lifetime

When you are visiting a foreign country, one of the greatest ways to explore and experience the local culture is through food. You always want to taste the most famous dishes of the country which you might find unusual or bizarre. However, for those who don’t consider tasting local specialties exciting enough, we have made a list of dining establishment where even the most experienced and worldly old hands will be astonished. From an undersea restaurant to eating in earthquake, check out these 25 bizarre dining experiences.

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Silent dining, USA

www.brooklynpaper.com dtg_shutupandeat_2013_09_27_bk01_zwww.brooklynpaper.com

Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, a Nicholas Nauman’s restaurant called “Eat“ features nothing special except for the fact that you cannot speak while dining there. Inspired by his life-changing stay at a Buddhist monastery in India, Nauman basically wanted to create a place where people could enjoy silence. The silent dinners became so popular that nowadays, people have to book their tables in advance.


Dinner under microscope, Japan

twistedsifter.com miniature-sushi-made-with-a-single-grain-of-rice-chef-hironori-ikeno-nohachi-restaurant-1twistedsifter.com

What started as a joke with a customer years ago, has made Chef Hironori Ikeno famous all over Japan and possibly even in many other countries. He thought it would be funny to serve a miniature plate of sushi and wondered just how small he could go. It turned out he could make sushi with a single grain of rice. These days, tourists all over the world pour into his little restaurant in Tokyo to see and taste his master work.


Lonely eating, Netherlands

www.eteignezvotreordinateur.com eenmaal05www.eteignezvotreordinateur.com

Amsterdam´s restaurant At Eenmaal has become famous for its unusual solitary concept. The only type of table that you can find in the restaurant is the table for one. Marina van Goor, social designer and founder of the establishment said that the purpose of this untraditional approach was to give those who never go out to dinner alone a chance to experience what it is like to eat alone at a restaurant.


Dinner in nest-aurant, Thailand

www.bitrebels.com Birdhouse-Tree-Pod-Restaurant-2www.bitrebels.com

Located in Soneva Kiri Eco Resort in Thailand, The Bird´s Nest Restaurant gives the customers privacy, as well as the unique opportunity to admire spectacular views while dining. The tree nests hung 16 feet above the ground are served by waiters who use a zip line to deliver the food and drinks. A typical dinner for two costs about 450 USD but eating in a bird´s nest should be worth it.


Dining in an earthquake, Spain

lists10.com disaster-cafelists10.com

For most people, the idea of experiencing a tumultuous earthquake while dinning is not ideal. Yet, in Disaster Café, people pay and book their tables weeks in advance for messy, “disastrous” dinners during which they experience an artificial 7.8 magnitude earthquake. So far there haven´t been any serious injuries but spilled food and drinks, and some minor accidents are considered totally normal.

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