25 Of The Most Affordable Places To Buy Real Estate In The US

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Many people in the United States dream of owning their own home, but the median home price in the United States is currently $190,000, which is a bit much if you’re a single person or a small family buying their first home (and let’s not discuss the prices of Real Estate in New York or California). However, if you have the opportunity or desire to move, there are many options open to you. Here are 25 of the most affordable places to buy real estate in the US.


Augusta, Maine

augusta-meSource: www.realtor.com

New England has a unique beauty and usually a price tag to match it. But Augusta, Maine, which sits along the Kennebec River, has a median listing price of only $109k, which is surprisingly  low for this part of the US.


Crossville, TN

crossvilletn-the_palace_theaterSource: en.wikipedia.org

Crossville, Tennessee, is the county seat for Cumberland county and has a population of just over 10k. The Palace Theater, which opened in 1938, is still in operation as an arts venue. If you’re looking for a small country town, Crossville has a median listing price of $49k.


Evansville, IN


Evansville, IN has 13 neighborhoods that have qualified to be on the National Register of Historic Places, including Downtown. It also has a zoo, a busy riverfront district along the Ohio river, two Targets, and nine non-target Starbucks, so this isn’t like a little nowhere Midwest town, guys. Median listing price is $90k.


Muskogee, OK

muskogeeokSource: www.realtor.com

About an hour outside of Tulsa sits the city of Muskogee, Oklahoma. The city boasts around 40,000 residents. The Mayor and elected city officials receive no compensation for their services; they just really love Muskogee. The median listing price is $80k.


Cookeville, TN

tuckerstadiumSource: www.realtor.com & https://en.wikipedia.org Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org (public domain)

Eighty miles outside of Nashville sits Cookeville, Tennessee. A city with a population of around 40,000, Cookeville is a “college town,” the home of Tennessee Technological University. Median listing price is currently $90k.

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