25 Of The Most Affordable Places To Buy Real Estate In The US

Posted by , Updated on December 29, 2016


Many people in the United States dream of owning their own home, but the median home price in the United States is currently $190,000, which is a bit much if you’re a single person or a small family buying their first home (and let’s not discuss the prices of Real Estate in New York or California). However, if you have the opportunity or desire to move, there are many options open to you. Here are 25 of the most affordable places to buy real estate in the US.


Cape Coral, FL

cape-coral-flSource: www.realtor.com, Image: pixabay (public domain)

Cape Coral, FL sits along the Gulf of Mexico and has more canals than any other city in the world (take THAT Venice). Also, it never snows there. If you’re looking to move to the Sunshine State, the median listing price is $75K.


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Hot Springs, SD

hot_springs_south_dakota_welcome_signSource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_Springs,_South_Dakota & target.com

If you’ve ever had a desire to move to a small town in the middle of nowhere, Hot Springs, South Dakota may be your answer to that desire. There are a few houses for sale and quite a bit of land to build your dream home or whatever else you might want to build. Median listing price is a mere $55K, and it doesn’t break 90 degrees (F) in the summer. The closest Target is over an hour away (we checked).


Scranton, PA

scranton_pennsylvania_restored_historic_electric_citySource & Image: en.wikipedia.org (pubic domain)

Scranton may no longer be the home of Dunder Mifflin paper company, but it has a median listing price of just $85k. The city had a downturn after coal lost favor over oil and natural gas for heating, but since the mid-80’s the city has been devoted to restoration, restoring many of the historic buildings and creating a downtown full of coffee shops. It could turn out to be a new hipster’s paradise.


Toledo, OH

skyline_of_toledo_ohioSource: https://www.consumeraffairs.com

Toledo sits on the western end of Lake Erie in Northwest Ohio. The city has its fair share of historic districts and arts & cultural centers, and median listings for a home are $75k.


Thomaston, GA

mural_on_gordon_stSource: www.realtor.com

Thomaston, Georgia has been picked twice as one the top 100 small towns in America (1986 and 1995). It’s a quaint, charming southern town with the courthouse square in the town center. The median home listing price is $70k.

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