25 Of The Most Affordable Places To Buy Real Estate In The US

Many people in the United States dream of owning their own home, but the median home price in the United States is currently $190,000, which is a bit much if you’re a single person or a small family buying their first home (and let’s not discuss the prices of Real Estate in New York or California). However, if you have the opportunity or desire to move, there are many options open to you. Here are 25 of the most affordable places to buy real estate in the US.


Cumberland, MD

cumberland mdSource:http://www.realtor.com/

Cumberland, MD was once the second largest city in the state and sits at the border with West Virginia in the Allegheny Mountains, an equal distance from Pittsburgh and Washington DC. This town does have a small but active downtown arts scene, 4 seasons a year, and the median home price is $89k.


Topeka, KS

topeka_kansas Source: http://www.realtor.com

Topeka is the capital of Kansas, located in the north-eastern part of the State. The median listing price for homes is $92k.


Lansing, MI

lansing-skylineSource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lansing,_Michigan Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lansing,_Michigan

We all know Detroit has some cheap homes, but perhaps it is not the most..uh…family-friendly city to live in, right now. However Lansing, MI, the state capitol, is about 90 miles away.  It’s also home to the Grand River Plant, which started making Chevy Camaros in 2015. The median listing price for a home is $75k


Rockford, IL


Rockford, IL is the third most populous state in Illinois and lies about an hour and a half northwest of Chicago.  The median listing price currently sits at $75K


Buffalo, NY

aerial_photo_of_buffalo_ny_skylineSource: https://www.thestreet.com

Buffalo NY sits on Lake Erie and is about 400 miles northwest of Manhattan. The second most populous city after New York City, the median listing price for a home is, surprisingly, only $110k.

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