25 Of The Least Corrupt Countries In The World

Every year Transparency International ranks (most of) the countries in the world according to the amount of perceived corruption within their borders. One of the most telling results of the annual survey is the fact that no country receives a perfect score. In fact, the highest score is 92/100 which was achieved by Denmark. After that, however, the rankings drop of fairly quickly as it seems that no country is exempt from the consequences of human nature. In spite of this, these are 25 of the least corrupt countries in the world.

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United Arab Emirates

least corrupt countries

Although corruption is not very widespread, following the recent financial crisis several cases of high profile fraud have come to light and exposed areas that need work. While the government has shown itself dedicated to reducing corruption, lack of transparency in the judicial system along with several other issues have slowed progress. In spite of this, public services are offered efficiently and in a manner that has attracted large amounts of foreign investment.

Score: 70



least corrupt countries

While petty corruption with regards to business and daily life is relatively low, political corruption is much higher. Transparency has been an issue and public polls tend to show a general distrust of politicians and political parties.

Score: 71



least corrupt countries

Although in general corruption is low, recent political scandals have highlighted corruption in the government. Furthermore, unlike many other nations on this list, facilitation payments are not considered illegal.

Score: 72



least corrupt countries

Following right on the heels of its South American partner, Uruguay has made large strides in the past 15 years primarily due to its government’s consistent commitment to becoming more transparent.

Score: 73



least corrupt countries

In spite of recent political corruption scandals, Chile is still ranked as the least corrupt nation in South America. As with most of the other countries on this list, business and daily life are not impacted to any notable extent by corruption.

Score: 73

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