25 Funniest and Strangest Place Names on Earth

What are the strangest place names you can think right off the top of your head? If they are really strange, they might just be on this list! Places are known by many attributes; some places are known for their people, other by their food, and yet others by their culture. But the places you are about to witness are known by their bizarre names! The world is a strange place – if you’ve ever doubted that, check out these strange city names which might just leave you scratching your head. For example, did you know there is a Satan’s Kingdom, Vermont? How about Bastardstown, Ireland? Or Saint-Louis-du-Ha!-Ha!, Canada? In this alphabetical list, we dive into some cities and towns with truly strange names. These are 25 funniest and strangest place names on Earth.

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Westward Ho!

Westward_Ho! signSource: Westward Ho! History Group, Image: Wikimedia

The only U.K. town with an exclamation point, Westward Ho! is named after Charles Kingsley’s 1855 novel of the same name, based in the nearby town of Bideford. City planners named the town Westward Ho! to drive up tourism to the area.


Te Puke

kiwi360 te puke new zealandSource: tepuke.co.nz, Image: Wikimedia

With a name like Te Puke, it’s hard to believe this New Zealand town is one of the country’s most famous kiwi producers. Pronounced teh poo-khe, this town is home to Kiwi 360, an immersive kiwi orchard attraction with its widely recognisable giant kiwifruit.



Swastika_ON canadaSource: S.A. Pain, Three Miles of Gold: The Story of Kirkland Lake, Image: Wikipedia

Swastika in Ontario, Canada, is a pretty strange place. Swastika isn’t a Nazi stronghold, though, as it was founded almost 30 years before Adolf Hitler started using the swastika: an ancient Sanskrit good-luck symbol.


Satan's Kingdom

Satans_kingdom recreation area signSource: USGS & State Parks and Forests, Image: Wikimedia

Isn’t it odd there are many strange places named “Hell” on Earth but no heaven? Score another point for the underworld – there are two towns in the U.S. named Satan’s Kingdom, one in Vermont and one in Massachusetts, and a recreation area for demons and denisons who love river tubing in Connecticut.


Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!

Saint-Louis-du-Ha!_Ha!Source: The Guardian, Image: Wikimedia

Saint-Louis-du-Ha!-Ha! in Québec, Canada, is the only city name in the world with two exclamation points. The city name likely came from the outdated French word haha: a ditch dug below a fence which allowed a farmer to see his animals but prevented the animals from crossing the fence.

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