25 Of History’s Deadliest Warriors

Posted by , Updated on May 14, 2017

Since antiquity humankind has been obsessed with harnessing the deadliest warriors. From the bloody dirt of the Coliseum to the sacrificial killing grounds of the Aztecs you would be hard pressed to find a culture, even in the present day, that doesn’t in some way express a fascination or even a glorification for skilled fighters. Don’t lie to yourself, this list caught your eye didn’t it? It’s okay though, because right now we’re going to entertain the fantasy and introduce you to 25 of history’s deadliest warriors.

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Medieval Knight


The equivalent of a modern day tank, the medieval knight was covered in armor and would plow through enemy lines with ease. Not just anyone could achieve knight status however, and often it was a fairly expensive title to hold. A good war horse could cost roughly the same amount as a small airplane.


Russian Spetsnaz


Literally meaning “force of special purpose” in Russian, little is known about these warriors due to intense secrecy surrounding their training and operations. They have managed, however, to create a fierce reputation for themselves as one of the most elite special forces units in the world and have been responsible for the training of many anti-western military forces.


French Foreign Legion

french foreign legiontelegraph.co.uk

Founded in 1831, the French Foreign Legion is a unit that allows foreign mercenaries to come and fight for French interests around the world. Having achieved a reputation in pop culture as being a place where wronged men go to restart their lives, it is in fact an elite fighting force whose members many times are recruited by other armies.


Ming Warrior

ming warriorpanoramio.com

As one of the first militaries to incorporate gunpowder into their ranks, the Ming were a formidable force to be reckoned with and managed to expand China’s frontier significantly. Not only were they ruthless warriors however, they were also very efficient as each division of the Ming army was required to be sustain itself and produce its own food.


Mongol Horseman

mongol horsemanWikimedia

The Mongols had a mission concentrated in one word – destruction. Their take-no-prisoners mentality led them to conquer more of the world than any other empire in history. And it wasn’t just that they could ride horses. It was that they could snipe you through the heart with an arrow while riding their horses.

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