25 Deadliest Dictators Throughout History

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Without checks and balances, laws, and proper institutions in place, tyrants and dictators can quickly consolidate power and cause a tremendous amount of suffering. Sadly, every once in a while, politicians and leaders decide to do things their own way (much to the dismay of the masses). From communist leaders to tribal despots, these cold-blooded dictators do not care for the value of life as much as they do achieving their selfish motives of domination, power, and immortality. These are 25 Deadliest Dictators Throughout History.

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Emperor Hirohito

emperor hirohito

Emperor Hirohito reigned in Japan during World War II and although the accusations made against his leadership are not as significant as some others on this list, the debate still rages as to whether or not he was responsible for the war crimes committed by his military and how much control he really had.


Koki Hirota

koki hiroata

Like Emperor Hirohit, Koki’s ability and power to affect the atrocities committed by the military were questionable. Unlike Hirota, however, he was executed for war crimes that included being privy to information that could have prevented numerous atrocities.


Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev


Being a communist leader for the Soviet Union, it should come as no surprise that Leonid Brezhnev fit right into the senselessly violent shoes of his predecessors, Stalin and Lenin. His leadership was  marred with the blood of genocide against the Moldovans, Volga Germans, Cossacks, Poles, and even Armenians.


Chiang Kai-shek


As the successor of Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek of China was a very formidable leader whose ideals, goals, and dreams were for the sake of giving China a whole new government, away from the common ground of Communism which had lasted for so many years. He was known as the “White Terror,” purging the opposition for better leadership and country stability. All in all, roughly 1 million died as a result of his initiatives.


Kaiser Wilhelm II

kaiser willhelm

Kaiser Wilhelm II was the last emperor of Germany up until 1918. Know for his inability to control the military and inept command, he probably wasn’t nearly as deadly as he was incapable. Nevertheless, his time as emperor caused the deaths of millions.

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