25 Oddest Celebrity Pets

They say a dog is man’s best friend, but these famous pet owners tend to disagree. They probably think dogs are much too mainstream. From George Clooney’s faithful four-legged friend to Teddy Roosevelt’s mayhem-causing menagerie, these unconventional pets are bound to make you admire the sacred bond between man and beast. So move over, Fido, because here come the 25 Oddest Celebrity Pets.

Vanilla Ice’s Kangaroo


Leave it to a rapper. Vanilla Ice bought his pet kangaroo, named Bucky Buckaroo, when the little guy was just a baby marsupial. But now that Bucky is all grown up, Vanilla Ice wants him to live a comfortable life. The rapper confessed that the kangaroo is spoiled rotten. He lives in his own enclosure and even has a lover – a pot-bellied pig.


John Quincy Adams’ Alligator


John Quincy Adams may have been a serious leader, but he wasn’t afraid to let the White House run wild. The former president received an alligator as a gift from the Marquis de Lafayette, which he kept in a White House bathroom. The gator even had company, as Adams’ wife also housed her silkworms there.


Salvador Dali’s Ocelot


Surrealist artist Salvador Dali was an eccentric man, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that he had an unconventional pet to match his personality. Dali owned an ocelot named Babou. He traveled everywhere with his feline companion. At one point, Dali brought Babou to a swanky New York restaurant and tied him to the table leg. A woman protested, saying a wild animal wasn’t allowed into a dining establishment, but Dali explained that it was only a cat he’d painted in op-art style. Embarrassed, the woman agreed that the animal was indeed a domestic cat.


George Clooney’s Pot-bellied Pig

pot bellied pig

George Clooney’s relationship with his pot-bellied pig, Max, lasted 18 years. Originally a gift for his former girlfriend, Kelly Preston, Max was once a tiny little pig. However, he grew to be over 300 pounds and ate as much as an NFL linebacker. Although Clooney built him a shelter a few yards away from the main house, Max often slept in Clooney’s bed. He died and went to hog heaven in late 2006.


Audrey Hepburn’s Deer


While filming Green Mansion in 1959, Audrey Hepburn adopted a pet that complemented her graceful demeanor. The film’s animal trainer suggested she take the baby deer from the film home so that it would learn to follow her. Hepburn agreed, and the two immediately bonded. The baby deer, which she named Pippin, cuddled with her and accompanied her on errands in Beverly Hills. She loved Pippin so much that she kept her post-production.

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