25 Oddest Celebrity Pets

Posted by , Updated on August 18, 2017

They say dog is man’s best friend, but these famous pet owners tend to disagree. They probably think dogs are much too mainstream. From George Clooney’s faithful four-legged friend to Teddy Roosevelt’s mayhem-causing menagerie, these unconventional pets are bound to make you admire the sacred bond between man and beast. So move over, Fido, because here come the 25 oddest celebrity pets.

Michael Jackson’s Chimpanzee


Although the King of Pop was known for monkeying around in the public eye, he brought a whole new meaning to the phrase when he adopted a young chimpanzee. The chimp, named Bubbles, often accompanied him on business trips before the two settled at Neverland Ranch. There, Bubbles reportedly slept in a crib in Jackson’s room, used the same toilet, and even ate candy in the Neverland movie theater. He was relocated to an animal sanctuary when he began displaying aggressive tendencies.


Leonardo Dicaprio’s Tortoise


Leonardo Dicaprio doesn’t mind taking things slow. In 2010, the actor bought a 38-pound Sulcata tortoise at a reptile breeders’ conference for $400. Experts say the tortoise can grow to weigh 200 pounds and live for 80 years. That’s a long time to think about whether or not the end of Inception was a dream.


Nicole Kidman’s Alpacas


What do Nicole Kidman and her alpacas have in common? They’re beautiful long eyelashes. Kidman and her husband Keith Urban love raising the llama-like creatures on their farm in Nashville. The actress said she was initially drawn to them because of their beautiful long necks and eyelashes, but she grew to love them more because of their gentle nature.


Steven Tyler’s Raccoon


Raccoons have gotten a bad rap, but Steven Tyler knows better than to believe all the hype. The rock legend told David Letterman that he goes fishing with his pet raccoon on his shoulder every day. Contrary to the rabid raccoons that attack people in movies, domesticated raccoons can be bought legally, litter box trained, and are said to be as friendly as dogs.


Hugh Hefner’s Zoo


We all know Hugh Hefner keeps bunnies at his mansion, but did you know his abode is also home to a host of other animals? The CFO of Playboy turned part of his estate into an official zoo, complete with peacocks, flamingos, Squirrel Monkeys, Capuchins, Spider Monkeys, and Tamarins.

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