25 Odd Situations That Did Not Go As Expected

Have you ever had something happen where you just stopped and thought to yourself “what on earth!?”. That is what we are going to be talking about today. That exact situation. It happens all the time. Of course, usually it is probably something silly like a test that you thought you were going to do well but then ended up failing. Okay okay, we know, it’s not silly and being grounded really stinks, but seriously, unexpected surprises happen all the time. They really ruin your day though, when you thought you had something planned and you were certain about the outcome but then everything seems to go 180 degrees in the opposite direction all of a sudden. Sometimes this can lead to disappointment for sure. But sometimes it can actually be quite amusing and almost always it will contain an element of surprise. The situations you are about to witness are all very different from one another. Some are far more serious than others, which means that the reactions are definitely going to vary. Either way, we are sure that you will enjoy seeing how these situations took a turn for the…different. These are 25 Odd Situations That Did Not Go As Expected!

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Featured Image: pixabay


Grated umbrellas

Grated umbrellasSource: express.co.uk, Image: wikipedia

In 1969 an Italian man was arrested on account of the cheese he was selling. Having been reported by customers, analysis of his “cheese” revealed that it contained grated umbrella handles.



SRASource: wikipedia, Image: Miran Rijavec via Flickr

SRA stands for satanic ritual abuse, and this was a very big deal during the 1980s. After the publication of Michelle Remembers, a memoir detailing child abuse by members of a satanic cult, people everywhere started remembering similar details. It wasn’t until the 2000s that SRA was discredited as false memories due to coerced interrogation techniques.


Cigarettes are good?

Cigarettes are good?Source: guardian.com, Image: wikipedia

In 2010, scientists looked over 43 research papers analyzing smoking and its effects. They found that 11 of them significantly downplayed the risk smoking poses. Not surprisingly, the researchers in those 11 papers turned out to have connections with the tobacco industry.


Commando burglars

Commando burglersSource: freerepublic.com, Image: wikipedia

In 2012, some Bulgarian farmers captured some thieves they found in their field. The thieves turned out to be French commandos doing some training.


The grim reaper

The grim reaperSource: edmondson.blogspot.co.uk, Image: pixabay

In 1961, three people died in a British retirement home when they saw the grim reaper at the window. It turned out to be another retiree wearing a mask.

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