25 Necessary Products Everyone Needs

Posted by , Updated on November 8, 2023

Looking for creative ways to solve those day to day, first-world problems? Look no further! Today, we have compiled a list of 25 products you need in your life. From a keychain that holds a USB cable and a run-away alarm clock to a hoodie you can carry your small pet around in and jellyfish-shaped air plants, here are 25 Necessary Products Everyone Needs.


Kangaroo Pouch Hoodie

cat hoodieAmazon

Looking for a way to socialize your small pet, cuddle, and be hands free all at the same time? This hoodie is a necessary for your wardrobe then! Its adorable cat ears and paw print embellishments make this sweater cute as is, but we’re sure it’s even cuter with your precious pet. It even comes in an assortment of colors.



smithsonian planetariumAmazon

In love with the stars? Then this is for sure a must-have for you. Made by Smithsonian, this projector turns any room into your own personal planetarium, complete with high definition images of planets, nebulae, asteroids, moons, and many other discoveries in space. This “toy” is even a 2018 Toy of the Year finalist.


Outdoor Cocktail Glasses

beach cocktail glassesAmazon

Do you have a romantic picnic or beach trip coming up? Drop what you’re doing, and check these out! These wine and cocktail glasses have stems that stick in the ground, making them great for sippin’ while you enjoy time in the cool grass or on the sizzlin’ beach. They’re also made out of plastic, so you don’t have to worry about them shattering into a million pieces.

Did we mention they float?


Fruit & Veggie Huggers

fruit and veggie huggerAmazon

Most of us don’t intentionally let our fruits and veggies go bad. The truth is that many fruits and veggies just go bad so quickly, especially if we’ve already cut into some of it. With these innovative fruit and veggie huggers, you can rest assured that you can eat or use just a portion and put the rest away for a few days later! Plus, they’re quite cute in an “I’m a kitchen appliance nerd” kind of way.


…and if you’re wondering what you can use these saved fruits and veggies for, check out our list of 25 Recipes That You Can Make Using Fruits And Veggies From Your Garden.



auto dog mugAmazon

Here’s another much needed product for animal lovers! Instead of carrying around a bowl and hoping to find some water for your thirsty pooch, you can conveniently carry everything you need at the same time. This AutoDogMug is a water bottle with a built in bowl at the top so your best friend can grab a drink anytime it needs!


Cardboard Construction Toolkit

cardboard construction toolkitAmazon

Here’s a must have for anyone that spends time with kids. It’s no secret that, quite often, young kids are more prone to play with the box their new toy came in than the toy itself. Now you can be a play-time hero and a creative genius all while spending some quality time with the little ones in your life. This cardboard construction toolkit comes with connectors and other tools to bring imagination to life.


Foodie Dice

foodie diceAmazon

Having a hard time deciding what’s for dinner? Foodie dice may just be your answer. This set of 9 dice will help you creatively take the guesswork out of dinner. Included are 5 primary dice that give you a protein, the cooking method, a grain/carb, an herb, and a bonus ingredient. There are also 4 seasonal veggie dice.


Sofa Tray Table

sofa tray tableAmazon

Fold out tray tables can be cumbersome and bulky; end tables don’t always fit our space or décor. The solution? These classy and useful sofa tray tables! They flex to fit the arm of any couch or they can be laid out on the seat next to you. The walnut color is very elegant too; however, you can get this same product in a variety of colors.


Chalkboard Coasters

chalkboard coastersAmazon

If you’re hosting a get together anytime soon, this is a simple yet nifty touch that your guests will all love. You can use these chalkboard coasters as place cards or a simply a way to allow guests to keep track of their beverage of choice. They also make placemats!


Runaway Alarm Clock

runaway alarm clockAmazon

From time to time we all hit the snooze button too many times. Take that option away with this Runaway Alarm Clock. You have to catch it in order to turn it off.


Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

polaroid zip printerAmazon

Smartphones allow us a great many advantages, not the least of which is the ability to capture photos with a not-too-shabby-for-a-cell-phone quality. Now you can print some of those pretty decent photos out wherever you are! The Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer also has the advantage of having no messy ink cartridges. Who’s ready for a selfie?


Zombie Slippers

zombie slippersAmazon

Do you have tile flooring in your house? Yes? Then you absolutely need to have a pair of slippers to protect and cushion your feet, especially in the winter! Why not have a pair that look like a zombie is gnawing away at your feet? We couldn’t think of a good reason not to own this pair either.


Randomize Party Game

randomise party gameAmazon

Looking for a fun party game to play that’s much more family-friendly than say Cards Against Humanity? Here’s one we thought would be worth checking out: Randomize. It combines acting and being silly with the element of surprise and randomness (as the name suggests).


Back to the Roots Water Garden

water garden fish tankAmazon

A fish tank on the bottom, an herb garden on the top! What’s best is that the two things help each other out; the fish fertilizes the garden and the garden helps clean and filter the water. It also adds a sense of zen to your home or office, and includes info on the science behind how it works for us nerds out there.


Did you feed the dog?

did you feed the dogamazon

If you’re like most busy or forgetful people, remembering if you fed your pet or not can be quite the daily dilemma. This simple and clever gadget takes all the guesswork away by allowing you mark off when you fed your hungry pooch.


Pops! Icy Treats for Everyone

pops! bookAmazon

While many places around the world are still feeling winter’s chill, here is a book that will help you look forward to summer even more. It teaches you how to make the most amazing gourmet icy pops to provide you with a fancy refreshment. Move over cupcake wars, popsicle wars are on the way!


Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

NES classicamazon

If you didn’t grow up playing on the classic Nintendo system, you need this item.

If you grew up on the classic Nintendo system and feel nostalgic, you need this item.

We’ve just covered a large portion of the population. This might just be the most necessary item on this list.


Lightning to USB Keychain for iPad & iPhone

usb keychainAmazon

We all know the pain of losing our lightning to USB cables. They always seem to disappear when we desperately need to charge our phone or listen to music. Ease your pain and solve that problem with this handy-dandy keychain!


Face Bank

face bankAmazon

Also a 2018 Toy of the Year finalist, this new take on the “piggy” bank will mesmerize you all while slightly freaking you out. It’s a face. It’s a face that comes in a variety of colors and eats your coins. Maybe they’re on to something; maybe you’ll save more money.


Clean/Dirty Emoji Dishwasher Magnet

clean dirty magnetAmazon

This is an especially necessary product if you live with roommates or in a household of more than about 4 people. Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty? Question no more because here is a beautifully sparkly magnet that will let you know! Are the cute emojis not really your thing? Amazon has a ton of different designs, from Star Wars and Charlie Brown to pinup girls to cats and dogs.


Air Plant Flying Jellyfish

air plant jellyfishAmazon, naturallivingideas.com

Air plants have many benefits like providing cleaner air and reducing stress. They also don’t need much outside of a little bit of water, some air (as expected), and a little bit of love. Here are some air plants that look like jellyfish. You’re welcome.


Dr. Who Adipose Stress Toy

adipose stress toyAmazon

If you are a Dr. Who cult-fanatic, you’ll want this stress toy for your office. Squeeze, stretch, and smash your way to a calmer mindset with this Adipose stress reliever…and if you’re not a Dr. Who fan, you have to admit, it’s still pretty darn cute.


Kitchen Finger Guard

kitchen finger guardAmazon

Whether you are culinary wizard or have a difficult time navigating Ramen Noodles, you can easily see the benefit to having a finger guard in your kitchen utensil drawer! Reduce your risk of chopped or cut fingers and stick to just slicing away at onions and potatoes.


8-in-1 Kitchen Tool Bottle

8 in 1 kitchen tool wine bottleAmazon

Here’s another nifty kitchen tool, and it’s great for those in a smaller kitchen. There are 8 kitchen tools in 1 including a funnel, measuring cup, cheese grader, and egg separator and more! Plus it all stores in the shape of a wine bottle.


Unicorn Tape Dispenser

unicorn tape dispenseramazon

There’s actually no reason to call this a necessary product, but we couldn’t resist. Honestly, who wouldn’t want a unicorn tape dispenser? Doesn’t strong desirability equal necessity?