25 National Flags And Their Meanings

Originating on battlefields as a means of identification, national flags have come a long way since their bloody conception. Flying in courthouses, classrooms, and fire stations they typically hold symbolic significance for the nation and have complex meanings ingrained into their designs. So go ahead and test yourself on your flag knowledge because these are 25 national flags and their meanings.

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Malaysia flag

It’s not hard to see that Malaysia has a history with England. The blue square in the upper left originally signified that connection. The 14 stripes represent the 13 member states and the federal district of Kuala Lumpur.



Nigeria flag

The green stripes represent Nigeria’s lush vegetation and its agriculture industry while the white stripe represents the desire for peace.



Canada flag

Also known as the “Maple Leaf Flag”, the maple leaf wasn’t actually added until many years later when Prime Minister Lester Pearson petitioned to have it included as during World War I he noticed many battalions including a maple leaf on their insignia.



Denmark flag

With the white cross representing Christianity, the Danish flag is said to be the oldest flag in the world. According to legend it fell from the sky on June 15, 1219 when King Waldemar II defeated the Estonians in battle.


Myanmar (Burma)

Burma flag

Although the country has changed its name twice, the flag has remained the same. The blue symbolized peace and endurance, the red courage, and the white honor. The cogwheel and ears of rice represent the country’s agricultural industry and its workers.

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